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In industrialized nations, there is a significant decrease in birth rates, which can be traced back to the 1960s, as more couples opted to remain childless and women choose their careers over children (Philip, Marty and John, 2009). This trend has led to the increase in the…
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Assignment . MKT 586
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Global Population Trends for Industrial and Developing Nations In industrialized nations, there is a significant decrease in birth rates, which can be traced back to the 1960s, as more couples opted to remain childless and women choose their careers over children (Philip, Marty and John, 2009). This trend has led to the increase in the number of an aging population and a decrease in the young people. However, in the developing nations, it is the opposite; characterized by increases in population accompanied by rural-urban migration in such for better jobs and better living standards. If these population trends are not managed, there are expected challenges. The increase in percentage of elderly means an increase in healthcare and pension costs against a backdrop of a dwindling work force resulting in tax burdens on future workers. It is also expected that a larger percent of the over 65 will remain in the labor force as well as forcing the government to change existing laws to allow mass migration to balance the worker-retiree ration.
On the other hand, developing nations with an increasing number of young people will have an increase in the costs of healthcare and education. The rural-urban migration, especially if unplanned will put pressure on the already limited public amenities and social services. Unemployment rate will increase as the work force will be higher than job creation, leading to high levels of crime.
Inevitably, these countries will experience similar problems; slower economic growth, financial problems for senior retirement programs, deterioration of public and social services and ultimately social unrest. These will have a negative effect on world business and world economic conditions.
Philip, R. C., Marty C. G. and John L. G. (2009) International Marketing. New York:
McGraw-Hill / Irwin Inc. Read More
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