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Yourself Marketing - Essay Example

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Identifying job vacancies is vital. Nowadays, employers advertise for vacant positions on the internet. Some organizations also seek for resumes online in order to…
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Yourself Marketing
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Extract of sample "Yourself Marketing"

Any job seeker should know what he wants; know how to market himself effectively in order to get the job he wants. Identifying job vacancies is vital. Nowadays, employers advertise for vacant positions on the internet. Some organizations also seek for resumes online in order to recruit. It is vital for a jobseeker to network with people in his field. Some organizations advertise internally, and only those inside the organization can get out word to any potential applicant. A jobseeker should establish contact with people working in his field. He/she should attend networking meetings if need be, but would never carry a resume in such meetings. Research has shown that about 85% of job vacancies are never advertised due to the resources required t put up an advert. This means that one should keep sending companies that are deemed to have ample opportunities. Such companies are identified not only by their profit margins but their size, location and industry.
It is also crucial to have an up to date resume on several online job boards. A resume should be precise and attractive to a potential employer. It is necessary to remember that employers receive thousands of other applications and may never go through the whole batch. In cases where an applicant has no work experience, internship and relevant academic projects should be included. A resume should be tailored to suit a specific job application. A job applicant should have negotiating skills once a potential employer gives an offer. A potential employee should negotiate a salary offer based on his work experience, skills that he possesses prior achievements just to name a few. An interviewee should to find out what an employee with similar qualification earns. Read More
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Yourself Marketing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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