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ENGLISH-ONLY/OFFICIAL ENGLISH MOVEMENT - Admission/Application Essay Example

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That is because it is the predominant language spoken in all facets of the American life. However, there is a belief that the…
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English Only Official English Movement America has long been a fully functioning nation and an envy of the world even without declaring English tobe its official language as a country. That is because it is the predominant language spoken in all facets of the American life. However, there is a belief that the existence of English as the predominant language of the country is under attack due to the increasing number of Hispanic and Latino immigrants, both legal and illegal, into the country. It is also believed that the English language is under the greatest threat in the greatest city in the world, New York, because of the proliferation of Hispanic and Latino residents who do not speak English at all in the area.
There is actually a benefit to be gained from having a bilingual city like New York. First of all, allowing for bilingualism in New York will make immigrants feel welcome and comfortable in their new surroundings. It allows for easier assimilation into the existing society and insures that the immigrants needs are properly addressed and met. However, by not allowing English to be the only communication language in the city, the English language is relegated to second class status in the country where it originated. English then becomes an optional language for its residents who may or may not decide to learn how to speak proper English since they can always speak in their vernacular anyway and still get their needs tended to. In such an event, English does truly become an endangered language.
English is the living language of New York City. As such it should be promoted amongst the city dwellers as the language of choice in order to keep the language alive. English is after all, the international language and it would be a shame for it to die a natural death as a language just because the Hispanics now count at the majority in the city.
It is easy to understand the fear that the American English language is slowly dying a natural death. The world has become a globalized place where multiple languages are spoken in the business world. English no longer holds the torrents title to being the international language of business. It already faces challenges from Chinese, Spanish, French, and other languages from up and coming countries.
Right now, English is still the default language of the world. It is still widely spoken in all regions of the world even though it is under threat in America. It has been retained as the international language of choice for now as generations of people have been raised in various countries to speak English as their second language. There is no threat to its supremacy as the language of business for now. It is still the retained language of the world.
In the future though, English will no longer be perceived to be the ultimate language for business and other activities. Therefore, the spread of English as a language will then be based on conformity depending upon the field of use or need.
English is indeed under threat as a language. But it is under threat on an international basis. It is not and should not be under threat anywhere in America or New York City because the language originated there. It will remain the primary language of New York with some assistance from the Hispanic and Latino languages that new immigrants need to use as their communication tool while they slowly come to learn the English language.
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