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English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Various Cultures - Essay Example

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This paper under the following headline "English and Globalization – the Incorporation of the Language in Various Cultures" focuses on the fact that English and globalization is an interesting topic to discuss, notably due to the author's unanticipated relationship with this language. …
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English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Various Cultures
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Extract of sample "English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Various Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages This study seeks to delve into the concept of English and globalization. It takes the form of enquiring into what exactly qualifies English to be a global language. Therefore, the discussion seeks to delve into the topic English and globalization, with a focus on the factors that qualify a language to be regarded as global, how English has met these qualifications, and what is the uniqueness of English, comparing to other languages, which can also be regarded as widespread in the world.

The adoption and incorporation of English language in the cultural contexts of many communities, to apply such a language as additional resource for the creation of linguistic and literary creativity, has led to the emergence of several English language divisions, with each of them is peculiar to its own locality and its own culture (Bhatt, 1993 p25). The qualification of a language to be regarded as global requires means that the language is to be adopted as a dominant medium of communication in different regions of the world. This is one of the aspects of the English Language that is indisputable, considering that this language is applied in more than 70 countries of the world as an official language, which means that the language is used informal communication in the judicial, educational and other public institutions in more than 70 countries of the world (Lin, Wang, Akamatsu and Riazi, 2002 p303). While many other languages could be widespread and be applied in many other countries as their official languages, none of those languages can dominate over the English language. In fact, in sharp contrast to many languages that could be localized or distributed over certain regions of the world, the impact of English has been felt everywhere in the world. Considering that it is the main language for business, technology, science and, most fundamentally, the internet, there is no doubt that English language and its applications have been widely adopted in almost all aspects of the world language use, thus qualifying it as a global language (Karmani, 2005 p265).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Vario Essay, n.d.)
English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Vario Essay.
(English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Vario Essay)
English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Vario Essay.
“English and Globalization the Incorporation of the Language in Vario Essay”.
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