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Non verbal assignment - Essay Example

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During my initial attempt at invasion, I spotted a professional on a small table with two chairs and without proper conduct of excusing myself to acquire a…
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Non verbal assignment
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Extract of sample "Non verbal assignment"

Which one of the responses to invasion did the person do? In the public library, majority of the responses from the seven people with invaded territory turned out to be insulation. During my initial attempt at invasion, I spotted a professional on a small table with two chairs and without proper conduct of excusing myself to acquire a seat directly in front of her while there were other vacant desks and cubicles available, I put a bulk of my things nearly all at once and scattered them on the rather narrow table we shared of which she occupied only about a third of the space for her stuffs. The woman made a quick sharp glance at me without a word and conveyed a reaction of unease by dropping one of her books with such force as to create a heavy slapping sound against the table. When I started to fidget and project some annoying movements, I heard her mumble something I could barely comprehend as she quickly, shall I say nastily, leafed through the book pages as if to almost rip off the sheets.
On another occasion, I went as far as touching the surface of a notebook of a guy I believe is a sophomore who happened to make a sudden jerk getting up and took the thing away by impulse. To me, it seemed ambiguous to decide whether he meant to warn me of a possible trouble or if he merely intended to exhibit a nonverbal “block” to protect his property from my seemingly illogical act. Instead of proceeding to invade his territory by taking up part of his area, I unwrapped a candy which produced some scratchy noise especially when I bit on it in the manner that would make a louder disturbing sound. In a span of a minute, no verbal nor non-verbal reaction registered from his side but after a few minutes of biting the candy with the same degree of noise, the student motioned to sigh a few times as though he wanted to deliver a message that he could not concentrate on his reading. About the same findings resulted from the few other individuals in the library and the park.
Perhaps my worst case of invasion was the time I stepped into the food court and literally occupied the seat which was obviously reserved for two ladies. Eventually, I got confronted with a scenario of being told that the place is already taken and I felt that I really got into their nerves as one of them spoke with raised volume and nasty inflections.
How did it feel to break this unwritten rule?
Based on the aforementioned experiences, I could well imagine and sense the hard feelings each of the seven people went through in the process of having their right to territory stolen for a moment. Each of them demonstrated mostly unpleasant responses in return in order to let the invader know that what was happening is not fair or beyond justice. In several instances, I had encountered this truth myself so I understand how it feels to be deprived of a domain within which one desires to express a freedom to be at home with oneself in doing special private activities that are of essence to growth and well-being. Read More
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(Non Verbal Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Non Verbal Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Non Verbal Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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