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Gothenburg Disco Fire - Research Paper Example

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The club building was located on Hisingen Island in Gothenburg in Sweden (Yeoh & Yuen, 2009). The number of the youths trapped in the building was 375 and their ages ranged from 12 to 25 years of age…
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Gothenburg Disco Fire
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Download file to see previous pages The research included the methodical, participants, equipment, procedure, results, argument and recommendation to the issue. The consequences and outcomes of the Gothenburg disco fire such as death, injuries, and damaged properties are critically analyzed. Moreover, the government had to act and protect the sovereignty and image of Sweden to the rest of the world by taking legal measures to solve the problem. A prosecution on the individuals who were suspected to hold the main responsibility of the inferno was carried out. The number of the guilty and innocent suspects is mentioned and the charges imposed on them. This unit will discuss on a research about the causes of Gothenburg Disco Fire, the consequences of the inferno, and the criminal prosecution on the suspects.
The fire was believed to have started on the third flour of the premises of the Macedonian organization, in which the high school students had organized a disco party to celebrate Halloween. According to relevant sources, it is believed that the fire was intentionally started on the stairway facing the emergency exits (Klingsch, 2010). This was the leading cause of the innumerable death causalities, since the emergency exist was not used because of the fierce fire set up. Consequently, there was only one small exit door that did not allow the students escape easily (Klingsch, 2010). The victims were trapped inside the disco hall because of a jam at the door; hence, having no way to pass. The confident youths who did not want to be burnt by the fierce fire opted to jump to save their lives through the windows. The window was estimated to be 5 meters high, making it a challenge to some youths who feared height. It is believed that the fire security was pitiable on the ground, since they failed to perform their part adequately despite the fact that they had acted promptly by coming scene early. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Gothenburg Disco Fire Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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