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The President Can Only Read One Page (Line from US TV Series The West Wing) - Essay Example

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As a member of the banking industry the participants in this television interview are going to be attacking you based on your resistance to the government’s institution of banking regulations. One of the major issues in banking regulation surrounds the Dodd-Frank laws (Khimm,…
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The President Can Only Read One Page (Line from US TV Series The West Wing)
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Extract of sample "The President Can Only Read One Page (Line from US TV Series The West Wing)"

Download file to see previous pages You’ll remember this was a major issue during the financial crisis as Goldman Sachs was advising clients on investments, while making investments that ran counter to the very equities they were recommending. This is bad for us because it limits our activities and the amount of revenue we can bring in. There are a number of potential arguments you can adopt. One perspective contends that just because Goldman Sachs was morally bankrupt doesn’t mean that the entire industry needs to suffer ("Sec pitches budget," 2012). Another perspective argues that implementing the Volcker Rule will unnecessarily restrict banking and investment in the United States. Additionally, individuals have argued that if this regulation passed it would hurt the banks’ abilities to compete internationally (Patterson, 2012). While these are strong arguments, it may also be more effective by arguing that its passage should be delayed and reconsidered ("Dodd-frank criticism roundup:," 2012).
Dodd-frank act - sec. (2012). Retrieved from
Khimm, S. (2012). Banks’ preemptive strike against dodd-frank. Retrieved from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The President Can Only Read One Page (Line from US TV Series The West Essay - 1.
“The President Can Only Read One Page (Line from US TV Series The West Essay - 1”, n.d.
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