The negative effect of divorce parents on child physics - Essay Example

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Settlement of family dispute between a wife and a husband may fail leading to divorce. When a family breaks up children face many difficulties because their family is the most valuable thing that they have…
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The negative effect of divorce parents on child physics
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Divorce Effects on a Child Modern family values and pre modern family values contrast distinctively. Settlement of family dispute between a wife and a husband may fail leading to divorce. When a family breaks up children face many difficulties because their family is the most valuable thing that they have in the world (Shapiro & Lambert). While imagining like a child, family is everything that a child has, security, social needs, psychological needs among other needs come from the family. This essay intends to show various effects that a child faces in an event of parent divorce.
Divorce may lead to anxiety, lack of trust, and emotional imbalance in children at adolescent stage (Hansch). Parental attachment during early stages of human life is very important because children tend to learn from their environment. Psychosocial theories argue that parental attachment during early developmental stages influence trust that a child develops in his or her late life stages. Evidently, a divorced family does not have time left for childcare because one of the parents is already missing. Social theorists have observed that effects of anxiety caused by divorce at early stages in a child’s life usually reoccur at adolescent stage.
Divorce influences the attention a child would get from his or her parents. Many divorces cases usually tear mental ability of a child because divorce forces a child to make a choice yet they are still young and inexperienced about events in life (Shapiro & Lambert). Studies have indicated that many children of divorced parents had difficulties in choosing whose side they should take during their parental split cases. Researcher argue that divorce traumatizes children whose families were stable than children in dysfunctional families. Children lose confidence in relationship leading to marriage because they encounter different scenes with girlfriends or boyfriends of the parents. This on-and-off attitude makes children to develop a feeling that no attachment is secure. Social theorists have observed that emotions which children develop after their parental split has an effect in the later life.
Divorce can lead to financial constraints to a child, which might lead to termination of his or her educational life. Studies have indicated that some parents who split are unable to meet their expenses and the expenses of their children (Shapiro & Lambert). This affect education and other essential things that a child was getting before break up. However, government has instituted policies which at protecting a child at the event of divorce. Some of the measures include forced parental financial upkeep. Studies have shown that children who lack support because of divorce conceive negative attitude towards relationships.
A child of a divorced parent may fail to acquire the right discipline required at childhood. Studies indicate that many children brought up in single family have inadequate discipline when compared to children with both parents. Psychologists believe that parental role is very important in building a child’s discipline at tender ages (Hansch). Learning theory argues that the method of discipline employed by a parent would influence the way a child would think. Since a child of a divorced parent has limited time with both parents, it is probable this child would not have the right instruction about life issues. In conclusion, divorce creates a psychological torture, physical challenges, and biological effects to the child. Many children will have to take some time to come into terms with their new conditions.
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