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Textual analysis: How to tame a wild tounge by Gloria Anzaldua - Essay Example

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Moreover, the paper affirms that language is identity, not race, or citizenship, and that being from a particular language is simply a state of soul, not one of…
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Textual analysis: How to tame a wild tounge by Gloria Anzaldua
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Extract of sample "Textual analysis: How to tame a wild tounge by Gloria Anzaldua"

Download file to see previous pages Taking the event as an example, the author highlight the array of social injustices that Hispanics pass through in a society perceived as intolerable. The article is an examination of her confrontational and fiery language that highlights the efforts she puts forth in fighting the feelings of acquiescence and self-loathing that the American people impose on Hispanics (Lockhart 120). Based on the article by Anzaldua, this paper seeks to reiterate that language is indeed a catalyst for the maintenance and development of the identity of an individual. Moreover, the paper affirms that language is identity, not race, or citizenship, and that being from a particular language is simply a state of soul, not one of citizenship or one from mind.
Anzaldua’s examines the different aspects on the language of Mexican people. She discusses education, gender bias of the languages, music, different dialects, and other topics. The article first focuses on how American schools use the Spanish language. According to the author, American schools were strict on students using their Spanish language, often receiving punishment when they try to explain their case. Students, she says, were to speak American in order to live in America (Anzaldua 76). Institutions emphasized on Spanish students to speak English, and to do so without the Mexican ascent or dialect. The author points this as a form of expression censorship, a seemingly acceptable amendment violation.
The author then examines the gender and cultural impacts of the language. According to her, the language stipulates that girls talk less, do not ask questions, and do not talk back. Moreover, she claims that the Mexican language exempts the female plural, making women prone to the masculinity plural. Moreover, individuals seeking to learn English are traitors of their people. These perceptions created confusion, leading to the evolution of the language to compensate for the different ideas of the ideal language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Textual Analysis: How to Tame a Wild Tounge by Gloria Anzaldua Essay.
“Textual Analysis: How to Tame a Wild Tounge by Gloria Anzaldua Essay”, n.d.
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