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Rights Social Justice and Diversity 1 & 2 - Essay Example

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This measure centred towards providing the necessary measures that allow individual expression promotes a stable coexistence within the society. The factors that are…
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Rights Social Justice and Diversity 1 & 2
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Extract of sample "Rights Social Justice and Diversity 1 & 2"

Download file to see previous pages Social justice is achieved in a system that communist policies are eradicated, and power delegated to the majority who comprises the workforce and opportunists. The opportunity provided should be fair and adopt a system that promoted unity with minimal oppression by societal leaders. Social justice is achieved in a system that upholds human rights and promotes equality with personal dignity uplifted. In a diverse demographic, social justice is highlighted by the comfort of individuals and their capability to be influenced by the available resources (Clark 2005, p1341). However, there are barriers within the society that present challenges to the presentations granted to achieve social justice in the modern society.
The developments of the modern government and technology have achieved numerous progresses in developing ideas to grant the opportunities to advance the ideologies warranting fare judgement. These have been in the government’s ability to create numerous opportunities for its members to find a livelihood source. Others have been in activist’s efforts to offer fare judgement in advocating for opportunities to deserve merit in fare provisions. Through developing fair judgement that reflects the opportunities granted to the societal members in equal measure, a sustainability form is achieved that creates the balance needed. The society is held by these principles and a failure to make them meet the desired standards would lead to insecurity and dissatisfaction between the members (Miller 2008, p61). The state that presents the societal members an opportunity to experience less balance in the distribution of resources and the injustice form presented is termed social injustice. Social injustice is the condition that leads to the prevalence of unjust societal presentations and oppression of the less fortunate. These individuals are either with minimal opportunity to complete their desires or those that have minimal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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