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Historical and Philosophical - Lab Report Example

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In the recent past, different communities have been working hand in hand with the educational sector to impact the sector. It is the responsibility the community to ensure that the educational sector impacts the right…
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Historical and Philosophical
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Download file to see previous pages Other religious groups are sponsoring the schools. In this case, the Christian communities act as mentors to the young children as well as a watch dog to ensure that children’s rights prevail.
We have also been witnessing communities participating in schools development; this is through fund raising, advice and other schools activities. The community has also been offering resources to the educational sector at a favorable term because educational institutions are part of the community. Other impacts from the community in which we have been witnessing between the community and the educational sector are by availing a conducive environment for effective education (Chandler, and Nita 26).
The community is also working hand in hand with the educational sector by suppressing conflicts of interest. In this case, the community works as the watch dog by ensuring that awarding is by merit. It also ensures rights and concerns of children are respected by all stakeholders, and the overall activities are running in line with the provisions in the educational acts (Chandler, and Nita 33).
From this article, we can openly identify different duties played by the community in relation with the educational sector. We can also analyze impacts of the community to the educational sector. We learn that the community is a significant figure in reference to children’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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