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Comparison of To Live and farewell to my concubine - Essay Example

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Since the development of the tools applied to generate the desired set up of films, the movie industry has developed as a leading…
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Comparison of To Live and farewell to my concubine
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Extract of sample "Comparison of To Live and farewell to my concubine"

Download file to see previous pages It highlights the achievements that have been developed in these nations in competing in the industry to contribute towards entertainment industry. Zhang in the book analyzes the contribution of the film industry in promoting cultural values and ideologies (Zhang 103). The depictions of actual values within the plot of the cinemas have issued contribution towards the development within the society and a rich history that has been highlighted in production. In these regions, there is a strong provision to uphold cultural values that define the basis of formation in the nations. The development of the plot and the characters uphold societal values and help in selling the culture as are characteristic of the society. This paper is based on a comparison of two such films, To Live, and Farewell My Concubine, to compare the contents that they present.
This was Zhang Yimou’s sixth production whose plot development is centred on the struggles presented in the union of a married couple. The setting is based on a period that was marked with the tyrannical rule of the ruthless Mao Zedong, as had been presented in some movies of the time. Zhang (287) explains, “To Live highlights the absolute necessity of tolerance as a time honoured survival skill for ordinary people in socialist China”. The other films from Beijing film graduates had stressed on the regime of the turbulent era in China highlighting; the positions held in the government that promoted the unjust presentations. However, the film had been based on the consideration placed on the people under the government. Zhang breaks the tension as he prepares a plot that is based on the family level in the struggling individual.
The film delves on the intimate thee as it presents the effects of the struggling family class. Through the family of Fugui and Jiazhen, the effects of the affected economy and societal struggles of the Chinese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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