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Case Study and 2 General Qustion of scope management - Essay Example

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The principal project management stakeholder of Rolls-Royce is the airbus. This is because its strategy to produce latest engine technology, the “Trent series” will mainly be…
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Case Study and 2 General Qustion of scope management
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Extract of sample "Case Study and 2 General Qustion of scope management"

Download file to see previous pages Stakeholders are those individual or group that affects the business in one way or another. These include, customers, prospective customers, suppliers, Government, community among others. In our Rolls-Royce case, the stakeholders include, Airbus, Boeing, Turkey’s national airline, Government among others.
You need to develop an understanding of the needs of the stakeholders. You need to understand their view about you project and how you can best attract their participation to the project. Understanding how you can communicate with them is also very important.
Objective can be defined as the goals that the organization aims at achieving in the course of their business and activities. This can be reflected through mission statements, performance metrics and in situations whereby the organization keeps on reminding the employees on how crucial their work is in the organization.
Strategies on the other hand are a planned action that focuses on enabling the organization to achieve its objectives. After a strategy is established, it has to be communicated to the entire organization through the top management, in order to justify it and commit the whole organization to it.
An organization can have an objective of increasing the number of customers in a given period of time. For example an organization dealing with online newsletters may have an objective of increasing the number people subscribing for e-newsletter each month by 20%.
Project management is an important management tool in a broad aspect of economic activities. Project management can be viewed as an art or a science (Schmidt 144). As an art, project management is concerned with managing and relating to people with an aid of project manager who uses experience and skills in technical situation of each project. As a science, the success of the project depends on proven and repeated processes and technique. Project management is an important tool in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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