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The Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation of Ayesha - Case Study Example

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Ayesha’s two most pressing needs are discussed, along with a care plan and interventions made by the nurse. The effectiveness of the interventions implemented is measured. It must be determined how there is a collaboration between Ayesha, her family, and the multi-professional team. …
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The Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation of Ayesha
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Extract of sample "The Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation of Ayesha"

Download file to see previous pages Obviously, her oxygenation level is definitely part of the problem because her asthma exacerbates her breathing. This does not allow her to get the correct amount of oxygenation in her blood at times.
However, Ayesha’s asthma as a whole includes things like how much she should rest, what her diet should be like, and how her medications should be managed (medication management). The care plan for Ayesha should definitely also include how her physical limitations are affecting her (the bio-psychosocial aspect).
At the top of the sheet, he or she should annotate the fact that this is an actual problem, not a potential one. In a different box below, the nurse should note that this is related to Ayesha’s rest; Ayesha’s diet; and Ayesha’s medications.
In the box below that one, there should be a box that says, “As evidenced” (Anon 2009, p. 1). Major indicates that the problem must be there. Minor indicates that the problem may be there but might not be.
In this case, major issues would include things like the following for a checklist to plan for a reduction of the following outcomes: “…breathing difficulties…inflammation…itchy throat…shortness of breath after exertion [and] …drop in peak flow rate” (Anon 2010, p. 1). Next, the nursing intervention should be implemented.
The nursing intervention for this checklist on asthma should consist of three things: what the nurse should ask about; what will be measured; and what will be observed and how.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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