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The service includes eight hospitals and other facilities spread in six states. Cabrai, one of the hospital staff, says that they would call IT to troubleshoot whenever there…
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Biomedical engineering and IT coordination
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Biomedical engineering and IT coordination The NEHS is one of the Veteran integrated services used by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Theservice includes eight hospitals and other facilities spread in six states. Cabrai, one of the hospital staff, says that they would call IT to troubleshoot whenever there was a problem and determine that the problem was in the camera. He goes on to say that it was the responsibility of the clients to figure out who to call when a problem occurred. He asserts the he had witnessed an influx of networked medical technologies that rely on interoperability, data storage and security within the hospital network. However, there was confusion on how to manage these devices. This is why Cabrai and Stankiewicz the head of NEHS clinical engineering group decided to give a new approach to the CE-IT overlap. They called for a summit that gave birth to the agreement that today acts as the model for VA hospitals across the United States.
This change led to reduced support costs and brought forward a consistent level of skills and leadership in clinical engineering across all hospitals. It also led to the creation of a unified team that works efficiently with other programs in the VA. The MOU signed by IT, network directors and CE executives provided a framework for the establishment of a cooperative and productive working relationship between the two departments. Cabrai says that the review board was created because they wouldn’t include everything in the MOU. Stankiewicz on his part says that the MOU is reviewed annually during the summits in order to make the necessary changes so that it remains relevant. The operations within the medical centers have been made easier because of this agreement as it offers the guidelines on how to handle different challenges. Read More
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