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Marketing transportation - Essay Example

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Corporate level strategy serves as the highest level in strategic decision-making and encompasses activities concerning the objective of the corporation, acquirement and allotment of resources as well as synchronization of strategies in order to ensure best possible performance…
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Marketing transportation
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Extract of sample "Marketing transportation"

Task Marketing transportation Question Corporate level strategy serves as the highest level in strategic decision-making andencompasses activities concerning the objective of the corporation, acquirement and allotment of resources as well as synchronization of strategies in order to ensure best possible performance. These strategies affect various business units and involve various board members. Corporate-level strategies are considered broad in relation to the other two strategies.
Business-level strategy serves as the lower level with much focus on the business unit. Business-level strategies concern matters like pricing as well as marketing strategies. Managers within the mid-level within the business division make them.
Functional-level strategies concerns single functional undertakings and related concepts that allow for the establishment of tactical decision. It concentrates on comparatively limited plan offering objectives for various functions, allotment of resources amongst diverse operations within certain functional divisions.
Question 2
The logistic strategy bears connections with the corporate strategy since logistics offers input in the creation of corporate strategy. Logistic strategy is affected the objectives presented by corporate and business-level strategies. Additionally, logistic strategies are affected by the strategic decisions made in various sectors of functional divisions of marketing with manufacturing. The capacity of logistic function to effect the triumph of a corporation grounds from the capacity of the logistic manager to create and employ strategies that are associated with corporate strategy.
Question 3
Performance measurement can be considered intricate within a global logistic context given that in the measurements, there is assortment or diversity in various equipments utilized in terms of category, magnitude and commodities. Therefore, the measurements cannot be considered simple since measurements have to be established for every component.
Question 4
Establishment of the key measures ought to be connected with the firm and decision-generation levels.
Data compilation and analysis serve as an imperative component within the organization with the intricacy augmenting at global levels.
Behavioral concerns have to be considered in the design and institution of these measures with the top management acting as the lead to achieve this step.
Regular communication coupled with consistent updating of the measures ought to be undertaken to make certain that the firm realizes its objectives.
Question 5
Information is considered quite influential in relation to supply management and logistics. Extensive familiarity and visibility within these areas allows for replacement of inventories with data. Extensive knowledge concerning consumer demands through sale point information assists in improving planning and lessens inconsistency with the supply chain. It allows for excellent synchronization of various concepts such as marketing and supply via ERP tools. It ensures updated order processing and diminished lead times achieved through synchronized logistic data arrangements. Utilization of information enables firms to attain profitability through reduction of expenditure and enhance customer contentment.
Question 6
Customer service and inventory management are greatly impacted by the internet with internet allowing for the assessment of customer contentment thus enabling evaluation of customer requirements through the feedback presented by these customers. The internet affects inventory management through various factors such as establishment of locations of stocking areas for individuals requiring supply of certain commodities and other concepts such as sales forecasting that allow individuals to purchase or not (Mangan, Chandra and Tim 89).
Question 7
The challenge that information technology cannot to solve all problems within an organization despite its wide application in problems that exists within organization offers numerous challenges for managers. Security issues serve as a challenge for managers given that the world is full of populaces with diverse abilities in information technologies. These securities are different in nature according to the organizational context. Human resource matters affect the institution of technological advancements where certain individuals may be against these implementations.
Work Cited
Mangan, John, Chandra Lalwani, and Tim Butcher. Global Logistics and Supply Chain
Management. Chichester, England: John Wiley & Sons, 2008. Print. Read More
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