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Methodology - Essay Example

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These techniques will then be looked into in detail so as to ascertain whether they will be of any use if include in this dissertation. The method of data…
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Extract of sample "Methodology"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the existence of the large number of techniques to be used, quantitative or qualitative are the widely most common methods used. Moreover, data can also be collected through interviews or questionnaires, analysis of case studies and the study of documented sources can also be done. These techniques can be carried out individually or combined, but will be modified in a way that they meet the goals and objectives of the research. The form of data assessment in this dissertation will be influenced by the set objectives. However, before the decision on the best assessment method is made, it is important to look at each method in detail.
According to DID 28, quantitative research is an inquiry into social or human problems, this is based on testing a hypothesis or theory composed of variables, measured with numbers and analyzed with statistical procedures in order to determine whether the hypothesis or the theory is true. In simple terms, it is an analysis of sociological issues using scientific methods of research so as to establish reality. Quantitative research is appropriate when there is an objective that is trying to be justified. It also works when definitive answers can be attained so as to test or confirm the original opinion.
Exploratory research is used when the information on a particular subject is limited; therefore, one seeks to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the given subject. Interviews and questionnaires are commonly used to collect data in this case.
Attitudinal research tends to be used to evaluate the opinions of a person towards a particular subject, this is the situation whether the researcher seeks to establish whether something is liked or not. The questions asked in this situation seek answers that are in favor of or against the subject in question.
This is when both quantitative and qualitative methods of research are used to achieve the objectives of the research. This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Methodology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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