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Sunset - Essay Example

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In an individual’s efforts to chase the world one may often fail to know themselves. The person you once used to be becomes a stranger. Yet all is not lost, a look at nature is all it takes to make peace with your inner…
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Extract of sample "Sunset"

Sunset The world is a busy place; time does not wait for anyone. In an individual’s efforts to chase the world one may often fail to know themselves. The person you once used to be becomes a stranger. Yet all is not lost, a look at nature is all it takes to make peace with your inner self, to know who you are and who you want to be. Such magical things do happen. A spectacular sunset at a beach is all it takes to revive your faith your life, love and yourself.
Sitting by the seaside, watching the last rays of the light for the day lightening your soul the way they lighten the world, marveling at the spectacular beauty of the orange sky, one escapes from the clutter of the world. The only sound one hears is the splash of water and the signing of birds. Birds are seen that are returning to their nests after struggling for one more day of their survival. One sees them live in present only and this makes an individual wonder how they have no knowledge of their tomorrow and yet they are happy and happier than an individual can ever. One realizes how far we have run from this present in our striving for a better tomorrow. And this sudden realization at a beach is enough to bring a smile on our face.
While taking a short walk on the shore when the sun is setting below the horizon, one realizes how one more day of our life has gone by. One wonders what he was when the sun rose today, and what we are now when the sun is setting down. One wonders what have he has achieved and what is the purpose of an individual’s life because this train of thought leads one to the answer of what he wants to achieve. It is the sweet and beautiful moment that an individual actually achieves by visualizing this sunset.
The joy of every moment doubles when one shares it with a loved one. There is no place better than a beach and no time better than the sunset to celebrate the mere existence of the significance of another person. It is a perfect time to express one’s feelings and let the other person know how valued they are. Away from the noise of the world, hearts meet right when the sun decides to settle down and the water decides to rise. One realizes how lonely and meaningless the world would be if it was not for our other half. Souls connect when you stand by the seaside, holding hands with your beloved and watching the sun go down.
A sunset is not just a sunset. The setting sun, orange sky, signing birds, the sound of water, creates a perfect harmony that soothes an individual’s soul. It is where the relentless mind finds peace, hope and happiness. It is where a person is not lonely even if he is alone. A mere look at the wonderful scene answers all the queries regarding life, it tells us how beautiful the world is. It makes us ponder over how after every sunset there is a sunrise and suddenly it makes us believe that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel and life is worth living. Read More
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Sunset Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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