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Risk Management and Policy Decision-Making - Essay Example

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The testing of the high speed rally cars lead to the tragic death of the test drivers in the early seventies, the accidents occurred and were because of the crushing of the cars and this was probably due to the failures of the emergency braking systems. It was later reported…
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Risk Management and Policy Decision-Making
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Extract of sample "Risk Management and Policy Decision-Making"

Download file to see previous pages the fear of the resiliency of the breaks in the weather condition and even the managers of the manufacturers of the machine, Ferrari, refused but the persuasion by the officials ensured that the cars were launched according to the plans and previous schedules of launching.
The decision to launch the first Ferrari was arrived at after numerous hours of debating which involved both the management of the rallying event, the makers and all the external political forces. All this were influenced by numerous bureaucracies in the handling of the actual decision of whether to proceed with the launch or not to proceed. Since the decisions were being made from a multifaceted approach, the heroic engineers tried to avoid the accident by cancelling the launch but the administrators due to their lack of the actual knowledge and evidence that could lead to disastrous outcome of the launch; they went ahead and initiated it.
However there is the actual lack of evidence that portrays previous accidents correlating the slippery road surface and the rainy weather as having disastrous effects on the brakes of the super road machines. There is clearly a missing evidence of previous accidents in relation to the brakes resiliency due to variation in the rain drizzles. However the indication of the failure of the car breaks is explained as indicated by the Ferraris explanation using their chats does not show the evidence of similar accidents or disasters with a cause that is due to the correlation with drizzles variability and the physical conditions of the roads post the rainy event. Even though some of the previous launches under similar conditions indicated the possibility of the failure of breaks , but there was no evidence of cause in relation to the crushing of Ferrari one.
This accident had an impact in the future management of the high speed rally cars launches in relation to the weather of the day. In relation to the management approaches and the ideologies of the engineers, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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