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Developing a technology model for a social entrepreneur case that you can pick - Research Paper Example

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There is some information about the process of technological development in Africa as mentioned below. 4
Social entrepreneurship is relatively a new concept and an…
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Developing a technology model for a social entrepreneur case that you can pick
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Download file to see previous pages First factor addresses the social problems or needs by approaching some innovative ideas and techniques. Second factor addresses significant awareness and efforts towards balancing responsibility in the best interest of stakeholders. The main aim of social entrepreneurship is to achieve social and environmental goals by working for the welfare of society. On the other hand, the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship is based on entrepreneurs. The term “social entrepreneurs” is accredited to the class of people who recognise the social difficulties and try to solve them with the help of primary entrepreneurship approaches. In present world, there are many organizations that are using social entrepreneurship models for the welfare of human being. Social entrepreneurs come in many types ranging from large non-profits to single-person causes. They also come in differing orientations such as non-profit or profit making organizations. (examples)
The essence of any social entrepreneurial venture is to solve a problem or cater to a need in the society. Social entrepreneurs all over the world use different ways to solve the problems that concern our society such as poverty, illiteracy, and pollution.
The use of technology in this cause has been able to develop some excellent business models and social development ventures. Technology entrepreneurship (or Technopreneurship, as commonly called today) and social innovation make an excellent combination for the development of the world. Many small, medium or large social ventures have sprouted up which use technology to solve the problems. With the help of PCs, notebooks, PDA, mobile phone devices, GPS, and wireless technologies, entrepreneurs find it easy to come up with innovative and cost effective solutions. One such venture is “Engineers without borders” which we will study in this paper to see how they add value through technology to their target market and society in general.
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