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Offenders Rights CJ202 - Research Paper Example

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Offenders rights ranged from right of a public trial to right of counsel to the right of appeal are well stipulated in the national…
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Offenders Rights CJ202
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Extract of sample "Offenders Rights CJ202"

Offenders’ rights Offenders have various entrenched rights but growing number of studies have shown widespread discontent and dissatisfaction among their victims. Offenders rights ranged from right of a public trial to right of counsel to the right of appeal are well stipulated in the national constitutions and also incorporated in international law. On the other hand, victims rights are only included one international body-the UN declaration endorsing justice for the victims of abuse of power and crime. Prosecutors and police in many nations across the world still treat victims with little respect; they do not update them about the progress of their cases and make important decisions without them. On the other hand, offenders are given free legal counsel in law courts than victims of crime (Gilmore, 2011).
The eventuality of being an offender should not exonerate anyone from being dehumanized. For these reason, legislative directives have been established through various policies to ensure offenders enjoy certain rights even as they serve their respective jail terms or court directives. The main purpose of the establishment of the policy is to ensure that offenders get relevant protections which include provision of basic needs and services. Among the needs that offenders have got the rights to be provided with include shelter, food, medical care, spirituality and general personal cleanliness.
Various legislations and policies that have been put in place to carter for offenders include; the offenders being given religious freedom, ethnic and cultural practice.Secondly, offenders have also been given the right to enjoy some degree of controlled privacy. Offenders have also been bestowed rights of participance in case plans and offenders treatment. They can access guidance services and, supervision and support.Moreover, it is a stipulated rights of offenders to enjoy an atmosphere free from inhuman treatment, abuse, negligence and general harassment (Parekh, 1999).
Offenders are also allowed to access adequate medical services. This means that the fact that one is an offender should not prevent him or her from accessing medical care when sick. Offenders should also be on a regular basis provided with food that considers nutritional contents just like any non offenders. The relatives and friends of the offender should not be barred from visitation. Though offenders, the should be provided with a clean environment and secure surroundings that do not in any way pose any security lapses to them(Gilmore,2011).
Rights to learn and receive education are also enjoyed by offenders. When serving their terms the offenders can register for public organizations and even classes. The offenders should not be prejudiced in line of religion, race, gender, culture or disability. In court procedures, interpreters must be hired for those who are not proficient with the language used in court procedures.
In conclusion, some of the offender’s rights have greatly been infringed by various players in the justice system. This can be attributed to ignorance in regard to the offenders basic rights by the offenders.However, these rights vary as they are applied in various circumstances and the seriousness of the crime committed. For example, very serious crimes can make some rights be withdrawn if at all the offender in question is a threat to national security. Lastly offender’s rights are essential as they uphold the dignity that every human is entitled to.
Gilmore, L. (2011).Consensensual Consequences: A True Story of Life with a registered sex work. New York: Robert Reed Publishers.
Parekh, V. (1999). Prison Bound: The Denial of Juvenile Justice in Pakistan. New York: Human Rights Watch. Read More
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