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Parent's of Sex Offenders - Essay Example

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Professor Topic: Parent’s Of Sex Offender Sexual abuse is not just about abuse of power. It’s also about mental illness. Experts posit that when a person used his power, authority, strength or is driven by disorder to commit sexual act with the victim’s resistance, this is sexual abuse…
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Parents of Sex Offenders
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Extract of sample "Parent's of Sex Offenders"

Download file to see previous pages Or, even if it’s known, the parent of an offender could be in denial and attest to the innocence of his child based on offender’s denial. On the same note, parents of the offender might be in disbelief, aghast or maybe in an extreme incredulity or wonder what have gotten into the psyche of their child that prompted him to do sexual offense to another. The incident will generate quick personal evaluation how they’ve been parenting to their children. Offender’s parents will likewise be subjected to trauma and psychological disturbance as impacts of their child’s abuses has consequential effect to them, too. Larger than this, the parents must importantly address the following questions to their very selves. Is the kind of behavior you expected from your child at that age? Is the incident true or not? If true, how long has he been exhibiting this behavior? Why this behavior occurred? What are the factors that motivated him to harass or employ lewd designs against the innocent? If the accusation hurled against alleged abuser is true, under Juvenile Sex Law, it’s likely that the accused will be held under judicial action or if it’s a minor with mental disorder committing it, offender will likely be put under rehabilitation institution. If they cannot cope with the problem, parents may seek the professional support from the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers—a global organization devoted on multi-disciplinary support system working to prevent sexual abuses (ATSA, 2012). The institution offer services on extensive research, education, and empirical-based learning process using practical experiences, advocacy on public policy and community-based intervention strategies that will pave for effective holistic evaluation, medication or treatment, and about managing individuals who have sadly caused sexual abuses or posed sexual risks or vulnerabilities to others (ATSA, 2012; Ethical Treatment for All Youths, 2012). ATSA (2012) contended that they could support person, family and association that are committed to “community safety, reduction of sexual recidivism, protection of sexual offenders, and safe-keeping vulnerable populations (p. 1).” They assured parents to provide intelligible and emotional support that could transform the very lives of people who’ve been intricately involved in the commission of sexual violence and could be directed to change their behavior to facilitate the prevention of sexual abuse (ATSA, 2012, p.1). Other than ATSA, the National Center for Reason and Justice (NCRJ, 2012) and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (2012) also help assist families in developing child-protective laws by educating stakeholders of child rights, responsible judicial system and promote laws, investigation and treatment to those who’ve been accused of sexual crimes. If legal measures aren’t enough to discipline a child, maybe institution that can help subject a child to psychological and emotional healing can assist in normalizing and understanding an offender’s state. No, it’s not too late. Parents of offenders should recognize and study their children’s behavior as they grow into adolescence. They should be assisted to have a healthy adult sexual lifestyle since they are constantly challenged by numerous factors and pressures while at their respective developmental stages as persons (Hart-Kerkhoffs, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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