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Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The mere feeling that I cannot always achieve supremacy without doing my bit of the hard work is enough to allow me to proceed with the devotion that I require for my study domains. I used to procrastinate a lot, which eventually…
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Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school
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Extract of sample "Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school"

Essay I have learned quite a few things from the past. The mere feeling that I cannot always achieve supremacy without doing my bit of the hard work is enough to allow me to proceed with the devotion that I require for my study domains. I used to procrastinate a lot, which eventually resulted in bad grades in high school, and made me feel discontented with myself. However, I changed the course of things as time moved on, because I learned something valuable that I needed to do for my own self.
The factors that contributed largely towards my academic difficulties were procrastination, lack of proper guidance, non-adherence towards tasks and assignments and so on. I just did not pay heed to what was being taught in the class room and this eventually had its mark on my grades in high school. However, with strictness done on my part alone, I was able to overcome such a horrid time at high school. I resolved to move ahead with a renewed sense of interest and to make myself stand out in a league of my own to pass with flying colors. However, this resolve came with a price – because I had to let go off certain things in order to move ahead.
I had faith in God. Since I am a devout Christian, I went back to the very basics of my religion and started to seek light from God. This essentially helped me to move ahead with the issues that I had in my high school. It actually opened up the pathways for me and I was able to see things through in a proper way.
My strengths, abilities and skills bring relief to me that I can continue to prosper in the times that follow. This shall make me into a person that I look forward to becoming. However, this will not be an easy job and I would have to strive day in and day out for it. It would require persistence on my part and maintain my faith in God and my religion nonetheless. My hard work will indeed be the essence of my personality since I aim to pass out with flying colors in high school and even when I move ahead in my life. No matter how many mistakes I made in the past, the future looks promising since I have dedicated my life towards my innate and acquired skills and abilities, which are in the positive direction.
I would end this essay with a reaffirmed commitment towards doing my best just like I have been doing in the recent times. This is my pledge to bring sanity within my realms and I will do everything that I possibly can to keep things in tact and under control. The faith in God will help me bolster in the coming times and make me remain in contention of the successful moments that are waiting for me. My responsibility is to make sure that these continue for a long period of time. Read More
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(“Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.)
Learning from the past; explain bad grades in high school Admission/Application Essay. Retrieved from
(Learning from the Past; Explain Bad Grades in High School Admission/Application Essay)
Learning from the Past; Explain Bad Grades in High School Admission/Application Essay.
“Learning from the Past; Explain Bad Grades in High School Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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