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Political risk and living conditions in argentina - Essay Example

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Its political system has been relatively inconsistent in the long term, however, and may provide some dangers do doing business in…
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Political risk and living conditions in argentina
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Extract of sample "Political risk and living conditions in argentina"

The Government and Economy of Argentina as it Relates to The Wine Cooler Industry Argentina is one of the largest and most important Latin American countries both in terms of size of economy, population and many other metrics. Its political system has been relatively inconsistent in the long term, however, and may provide some dangers do doing business in that country. The lifestyle of the average Argentinean is relatively high, and there should be a good market for many of the products in the wine-cooler industry.
The government of Argentina is a constitutional democracy, and a republic (World Factbook). It has a long history of significant instability, like many formerly colonized places. After the Spanish abandoned Argentina in the 19th century, it has been hard for any particular Argentine government to maintain stability. Since the Second World War many military regimes have risen and fallen in Argentina, something that leads to drastically changing positions towards business depending on who is in power.
In the past ten years, however, the political situation in Argentina has stabilized significantly (NY Times Topic: Argentina). The same political party has maintained government for several years, and the presidency only changed when the former president stepped aside for his wife to run, and she won that election (NY Times Topic: Cristina Fernández de Kirchner).
The government is also relatively pro-business. Argentina had a significant economic crisis around the year 2000 (NY Times Topic: Argentina), but since, however, has maintained one of the fastest growth rates of any Latin American country. SO long as the business is run profitably, and willing to pay taxes, then the business should be successful in Argentina.
The living conditions of people in Argentina are relatively high. It has one of the best median incomes among Latin American countries, beaten only by Brazil, and, again, has shown to have one of the most robust economies (CIA World Factbook). The clothing is a mix between Latin clothing and other Western clothing, with very little traditional garb worn by the general population, especially in urban areas and along the coast.
Diet and nutrition in Argentina is heavily focused on traditional foods and locally grown produce. Argentina has a massive agricultural industry, which is especially well known for producing some of the best Malbac wine in the world (Mendoza Wines). Likewise, a paucity of local pests and favorable growing conditions means that much of this can be grown without heavy use of pesticides. All of this is obviously very favorable to the wine cooler industry, meaning that a great deal can be produced locally and avoid heavy incise and excise taxes that many governments hoist on alcoholic products of any kind or description.
Recreation in Argentina focuses around a variety of things, but one of the most important is football (soccer). This is Argentina’s national sport (CIA World Factbook), and football talk and fandom dominates a great deal of recreational culture.
Argentina would be a place that one could very easily successfully market and create wine coolers, with a strong economy, stable political situation, and excellent marketing opportunities (such as coordination with football marketing).
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