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Does relaying on rats testing proofs that the chemical BPA can cause human effect if yes or no how - Research Paper Example

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Testing on humans can be dangerous, particularly if the compound is unknown. Using animals that can be easily bred in a laboratory setting which share many of the characteristics of human physiology can…
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Does relaying on rats testing proofs that the chemical BPA can cause human effect if yes or no how
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Extract of sample "Does relaying on rats testing proofs that the chemical BPA can cause human effect if yes or no how"

Download file to see previous pages s who believe that rats do not share enough similarities with humans to provide proof of the effects that chemicals such as BPA will have on the human body. The following annotated bibliography explores the use of rats in testing with the endocrine disrupter BPA to show that rat testing can be useful in ascertaining the effects of chemicals on the human body.
Ashby, J, and H Tinwell. ‘Uterotrophic Activity of Bisphenol A in the Immature Rat.’ Environmental Health Perspectives 106.11 (1998): 719–720. Print. This original research article explores the effects of BPA on the immature rat uterus. This study has been mentioned within a lot of the secondary sources within this bibliography, and therefore should be included. It was featured in a peer-reviewed journal, which means the results are reliable. It provides the evidence that BPA has a toxic effect on rats, although it does not illustrate whether this is useful when considering the human effect.
Diel, Patrick et al. ‘Ability of Xeno- and Phytoestrogens to Modulate Expression of Estrogen-sensitive Genes in Rat Uterus: Estrogenicity Profiles and Uterotropic Activity’. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 73.1–2 (2000): 1–10. Web. 23 Feb. 2012. This original research article explores the effect of BPA and other xenoestrogens on the rat uterus. Like many of the other studies, it does not provide data from human studies for direct comparison, but conclusions are drawn, which suggests that the results are reliable enough for this journal. Many of the studies focus on the uterine effects, although there are effects on males as well as other physiological effects.
Gupta, Ramesh C. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology. Academic Press, 2011. Print. One of the most prominent effects that have been suggested by animal and human studies are developmental and reproductive. This book is an exploration of the toxic effects of many compounds on the reproductive and early developmental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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