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Report Writing - Assignment Example

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On the 1/20/08 at around 1.30 pm the First National Bank of New York was robbed by an individual who was reported by the eye witnesses to have been a white man, in blue jeans, wearing black shoes and in his twenties or thirties. Officer Jackson reacting from a radio report on…
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Report Writing
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Extract of sample "Report Writing"

Narrative Insert Narrative Evidence narrative On the 20/08 at around 30 pm the First National Bank of New York was robbed byan individual who was reported by the eye witnesses to have been a white man, in blue jeans, wearing black shoes and in his twenties or thirties. Officer Jackson reacting from a radio report on that the first National Bank of New York had been robbed stopped a truck post observing a red dye coming from the truck windows. The officer ordered the driver out of the track and was then taken as a suspect because of the nature of his car and he came from the direction of the first National Bank of New York. The suspect was identified as Ricky Moon, a white male, aged 22 years; with a height, 6’; weighing, 192; at the moment he was wearing blue jeans and a ski cap. The officer immediately transported him back to the bank in an attempt of finding witnesses who would help with the suspect identification. Beamer and Katz who were both present during the process of the robbery positively identified the suspect.
Following the positive identification, Judge L.C Green gave out a search warrant for the green Ford pickup that was bearing a New York licence TFH 789 and at that time was being driven by Ricky Moon and later found to be registered to the same man. The following items were obtained from the truck; 38 calibre blue steel revolver having serial number of 78695, a 4-inch barrel, black rubber grips, Green money bag, top zipper of First National Bank of New York, a Blue ski cap having eye holes cut within the fabric, a pair of blue jeans with red dye stains, black boots, pump shotgun, brown wood stock having the serial number of 436790 and $5,000 in $100 bills all of this materials were found in the suspects truck and are directly related to the above stated robbery.
Crime investigation narrative
The witnesses at the crime scene; Frank Beamer and Jo Katz testified that on 20th of January, 2008 at around 1.30 pm a robbery occurred at the First National Bank of New York. The robber who carried out the offence was described as a white man, in blue jeans, wearing black shoes, in his twenties and also wearing a fabric on the head having holes cut in the fabric. Both witnesses stated to have observed that the suspected robber was in possession of two guns and also was wearing a jacket; moreover both added that the man was either in his twenties or early thirties. However there are some of the reported attributes by the two witnesses which are contradicting like Katz reported that the suspect had black hair and blue eyes, whereas Beamer reported the suspect to be having brown hair and in dark glasses. This leaves a lot of questions for the investigators to desire.
Suspect investigation
The officer, Officer Jackson identified the suspect as Ricky Moon on arrest which was carried out a few blocks outside the First National Bank of New York. This was triggered by the radio report that the officer had heard of the First National Bank having been robbed at around 1.30 p.m. hence out of suspicion and in the line of duty stopped the truck. After the arrest, investigations followed which employed even the eye witnesses and a check of the truck. The evidence from the truck and those of the witnesses pointed a finger at Ricky Moon. The officer however ensured that the Miranda rights of the suspect are not violated by informing him of his rights before the commencement of further interrogations at the station. Read More
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