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Discrimination - Term Paper Example

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Not long ago Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp. was rewarded with $253 million in damages for charges of discrimination (REUTERS, 2010). It is therefore, essential to describe the term discrimination here. The…
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Extract of sample "Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages By feeling threatened, productivity of the minority group is sure to go down to the extent that organizations and entities lose valuable human potential (Crosby, Stockdale, & Ropp, 2007). On the other hand, suits of discrimination result in costly lawsuits against the firms and can result in loss of reputation and goodwill which cannot easily be recovered. It is therefore, of utmost importance that organizations address this area by curbing discriminatory practices. The paper shall shed light on two of the most common forms of discrimination, race and sex.
Before delving into specific cases of discrimination, it is important to know what discrimination is and what psychological notions give birth to it. Theories regarding the way people view themselves and how they feel about themselves are aplenty in psycho-sociological literature. Since what we perceive about ourselves is kernel to what we think we are, what we think we can do, and how best we think we can do it (Tan, Dalisay, Zhang, Han, & Merchant, 2010), one can find a vast number of studies regarding the nature of self-perception and its relation to other constructs. Because studies in this field focus on the basic human need to understand who they are and why they exist, self-perception is arguably one of the most significant cognitive structures organizing an individuals experience and, thus, has been represented as an appropriate starting point for developing a cognitive theory of how individuals learn from their past experiences (Tan, Dalisay, Zhang, Han, & Merchant, 2010).
Stereotyping has been a common cause of discrimination since time immemorial. Research suggests the two most common paradigms of stereotyping are the cognitive and affective dimensions (Schneider D. J., 2004). The cognitive component delineates on the fact that stereotyping results from an oversimplification of information that is processed by our mental ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discrimination Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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...Discrimination Prejudice and discrimination against different ethnic, religious, political, and other groups is rampant in the society (Ruchlis 1), and although a lot of effort has been made to overcome this social evil, there are still traces of such discrimination that one often experiences on a personal level in the daily life (Ruchlis 2). This paper is an analysis of two such situations of discrimination. Being of the minority of Chinese descent living in the United States, I am often subjected to racial discrimination on matters that might not even relate to me ...
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...1. Throughout the past decades, the British labour force has experienced a dramatic rise in immigrant population and the integration of this non-native workforce with indigenous white population has been characterized by numerous problems-the most significant of which is racial discrimination in terms of recruitment and selection. This is the rationale why the present study, "Racial discrimination in recruitment and selection in the UK," is being proposed-to provide a current assessment on ramifications of race-related bias in the British workplace. Employment bias based on a person's ethnic origin still persist in the contemporary British society. Evidences of racial discrimination, as...
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...Discrimination Overt racism has seen somewhat of a decline over the past 60 years but continues to afflict many different types of peoples in all parts of Britain despite any assertions to the contrary. We now have increased representations of ethnic minorities in universities, as MP’s and in other positions of authority within the government as well as higher percentages in various forms of the media. This societal evolution of inclusion, however, has been dreadfully gradual and not been at a sufficient pace so as to satisfy those of the minority ethnicity. Britain was an openly racist society in 1959 when a black man, Kelso Cochrane, was lynched in London streets with little more than an apathetic response from police... and...
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...Discrimination Introduction Sexual discrimination is illegal in most countries including the United s. Despite the fact that continued awareness are made on sexual harassment, working women continue to report cases of sexual harassment of various forms. After the improvement of the ‘Title VII of the Civil Rights Act’ of 1964, in the year 1991 penalties was established to discourage sex prejudice and employment affiliated cases (Boland, 2005). Recent positive cases from gender discrimination Nowadays, cases concerning sexual harassment have been on the rise despite the implementation of the Title VII and the women affirmative action. Scenarios where women take managerial and executive positions are few in number. The cases... of...
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...Discrimination and Prejudice al Affiliation Prejudice refers to an attitude held by an individual towards something or some group. Usually, it is a negative prejudgment that a group is inferior. Prejudice is examinable as an incorrect or unjustified attitude held towards a group or individual basing arguments solely on the affiliation of the individual. Positive prejudice practice exaggerates the beliefs or virtues held by a group, and such ideas may entail perceptions of one’s affiliation group being superior to another (Chin, 2004). Discrimination, on the other hand, refers to an action of unfair treatment directed at an individual or group because of some characteristic they possess. An individual could have negative feelings... for a...
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