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Describe the circumstances of growing up in a family with severe financial obligations - Essay Example

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It also, depends upon the size of the family, which is also indicative of cultural practices, belief and religion sometimes.
The family obligation in some countries is minimal and mainly dependent…
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Describe the circumstances of growing up in a family with severe financial obligations
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Extract of sample "Describe the circumstances of growing up in a family with severe financial obligations"

The financial obligations in a family vary in different societies and cultures. It also, depends upon the size of the family, which is also indicative of cultural practices, belief and religion sometimes.
The family obligation in some countries is minimal and mainly dependent of state. Whereas, few countries rely on nuclear family system and some depend upon extended family members for financial obligations. USA falls in the second group.
The obligations may include, brought up of child, apt education, marriage, diseases, emergencies etc.
Financial obligations of family may result in improper nourishment of individuals; it may deny children from getting apt education and may end up in hindering the mental capacity of the child.
The obligations pertaining to finances can become crucial, if any member of the family is found to be suffering from any disease which is subjected to continuous treatment and monitoring. In this case, all other members of the family are sometimes denied of proper care in bourgeoisie. More importantly if the head of the family, which is more likely to be a father, acquires disease or ill health is abound to cause financial impairment to the family, ultimately creating more challenging and demanding circumstances.
The size of the family also has important role to play in the bringing constraints of finances upon a family. A family larger in size is more likely to have severe impacts on its members rather than a family with few members. Fewer members will have their due share and vice versa.
A constant source of income or perhaps a job has the foremost role in denying any member of the family its financial obligation. Inapt source of income results otherwise.
Also, the environmental factors govern the situation sometimes. They have indirect impact on creating circumstances which could be inapt for the members of the family. This may include the ambiance or the external factors like price hike and inflation.

Warman, Jane miller and Adrea. Family obligations in Europe. homestead: Joseph Rowntree Foundation, 1996. Read More
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