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Dutch in new york and how they entered the city in the 15th and 16th centuries - Research Paper Example

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Henry Hudson actually founded New York City and he found the Hudson River. The water surrounding New Netherlands attracted the Dutch. The Dutch West India Company operated…
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Dutch in new york and how they entered the city in the 15th and 16th centuries
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Extract of sample "Dutch in new york and how they entered the city in the 15th and 16th centuries"

Download file to see previous pages New Netherlands was only one of the many Dutch colonies. Amsterdam was the port that sent ships to explore. In the New Netherlands furs, tradeable objects, and fertile land were found. The founding of New Netherlands developed a valuable region into a successful colony.
The Dutch West India Company was a trade company in the 1700s.1 The Dutch West India Company was formed in 1631.2 The Dutch West India Company was only one branch of the Dutch company. The Dutch East India Company had great success in the East.3 The East is defined as mainly territories in or around Asia.4
The trade industry was done through shipping lanes in the 1600s.5 Furs, ivory, jade, diamonds, cloth, and spices were just a few items the Dutch West India Company traded.6 While the English, Spanish, and other countries were interested in conquest, the Dutch interest was focused on the trade industry.7 The colonization of an area by the Dutch would be due to trade, not expansion. The Dutch West India Company was interested in the area of New Netherlands due to the opportunity to trade.
The Dutch West India Company hired Henry Hudson.8 The expedition of finding new trade routes was Henry Hudson’s assignment.9 “Sailing for the Dutch in 1609, Henry Hudson explored the river that now bears his name. The Dutch established a string of agricultural settlements between New Amsterdam (New York City) and Fort Orange (Albany, New York) after 1614.”10 Hudson mapped out the Hudson River and Hudson Bay. The Dutch wanted to create a settlement at the mouth of the Hudson River in order to strengthen the fur trade with local Natives. The Dutch
became the chief European traders with the Iroquois, supplying them with firearms, blankets, metal tools, and other European trade goods in exchange for furs. The Iroquois used those goods to nearly destroy the Hurons and to push the Algonquins into Illinois and Michigan. As a result, the Iroquois gained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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