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Vice advertising - cont - Essay Example

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Even better quality products may fail in the market in the absence of proper advertising. Same way, even cheap quality products may excel in the market with the help of…
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Vice advertising - cont
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Extract of sample "Vice advertising - cont"

Download file to see previous pages This paper analyses the problems associated with unhealthy advertising to children and teens and proposes certain solutions to avoid it.
Tobacco companies exploit the hero-worshipping attitudes of younger generation cleverly with the help of beautiful ads and children and teens become the victims of such misleading ads. Smoking often causes lung cancer, heart diseases, asthma, cough etc. Instead of revealing these health problems of smoking, tobacco companies in their advertisements describe smoking as a pleasant act which gives immense satisfaction and pleasure to the smoker. Majority of the tobacco companies have celebrities as their brand ambassador. For example, tobacco companies often utilize film stars for advertising their cigarettes. The mannerisms and the body languages of the film stars in the tobacco advertisements will encourage the hero-worshipping teen generation to imitate their heartthrobs blindly. Children and teens have the inherited trait to imitate others. They learn life lessons from parents, teachers and celebrities. They are not much aware of the consequences of smoking. Only thing they know is that their hero is smoking and therefore they can also smoke.
Thank You for Smoking is a 2005 comedy film which portrays the efforts of a person to promote cigarettes using heavy spin tactics while also trying to remain a role model in front of his child (Thank You for Smoking). People usually demonstrate many faces in their social, personal, family and professional lives. A loyal husband in personal life need not be the same in his social life. Same way, a good parent in family life need not be the same in his professional life. People usually forced to do many things even though they are not much interested in it. Circumstances force people to engage in unpleasant behaviors. For example, even nonsmoking film stars forced to act like a smoker in many films. This is because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Vice Advertising - Cont Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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