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Supernormal Elements - Essay Example

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The essay "Supernormal Elements" analyzes the text that describes event which was weird and out of ordinary. In order to analyze hidden meaning which are designed to attract readers’ fascination with ghosts and spirits, rhetorical argumentation becomes a major tool…
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Supernormal Elements
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Extract of sample "Supernormal Elements"

My previous needs to be analyzed rhetorically. The text describes event which was weird and out of ordinary. In order to analyze hidden meaning which are designed to attract readers’ fascination with ghosts and spirits, rhetorical argumentation becomes a major tool. It is an important literary means to explore the hidden information. The need for rhetorical criticism crops up because of the fact that the words and texts are cleverly used to put forward ideas that would influence the thoughts processes of the readers. It identifies traits and emotive responses of the target audience to enhance its impact on the readers. The writer uses techniques and instruments that are designed to persuade readers to his or her views in order to gain confidentiality and trust so as to earn credibility.
My article had discussed the existence of supernormal elements in the form of ghosts or spirits as seen by my brother when he was young. The need to make it fascinating so that reader connects with the events was important factor in using words and expressions that deliberately evoked a sense of déjà vu and bizarre happening. Hence, rhetorical argumentation becomes critical to delve deeper into the meanings of words and phrases to demystify the element of surreal reality. The need to expose the real picture through rhetorical analysis would help to deconstruct the motive of the writer. In this case, the ethos and pathos as used by myself must be identified and revealed through rhetorical criticism in order to expose the real intent of the writer or article.
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Supernormal Elements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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