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Thesis Statement - Assignment Example

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Adolescents normally feel an extreme need and pressure to be accepted by the crowd. Thus, they tend to do things that they may know are wrong but still choose to give in just…
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Thesis Statement
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Extract of sample "Thesis Statement"

Adolescent Dating APA reference for the article Major point (list for each article) Key findings (list 2 for each article Giordano, P.C.& Mulford, C. (2008). Teen Dating Violence: A Closer Look at Adolescent Romantic Relationships. NIJ Journal No. 261 , 34-40.
One out of ten teens experience violence or abuse in dating.
1. According to the 2007 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, nearly 10% of adolescents suffer from physical violence with a romantic partner.
2. In line with severe teen dating violence, i.e. sexual and physical, girls were the usual victims.
2. Sorensen, S. (2007). Adolescent Romantic Relationships. ACT for Youth Center of Excellence: Research Facts and Findings , 1-4.
Adolescent romantic relationships can be healthy or unhealthy.
1. A healthy romantic relationship helps in discovering one’s identity, developing interpersonal skills and providing emotional support.
2. Risks involved in teen relationships include dating violence, risky sexual activity. STDs and premature pregnancy.
3. Olivarez, B. (2010). Teen Dating Awareness: Pinpointing the Dangers. Helping Psychology .
4. Howard, D., Boekeloo, B., & Qiu, Y. (2003). Personal and Social Contextual Correlates of Adolescent Dating Violence. Journal of Adolescent Health , 9-17.
Peer pressure is a strong factor that influences an adolescent to get involved in romantic relationships and engage in sexual activities, which normally lead to teen anxiety.
Religious service attendance and parental monitoring reduces rate of dating violence.
1. Teens usually feel an intense need to fit in the crowd, particularly by entering into a relationship.
2. Teenage dating entails tendency for violence.
1. Peer-drinking exposures are linked to dating victimization.
2. Social contacts have great influence to an adolescent’s dating behaviour.
Thesis Statement: Adolescents should gain proper awareness and right attitude towards dating and relationships so as to avoid the pain caused by violence and irresponsible sexual interactions.
Main Points:
Adolescents, in a lot of cases, engage in dating and relationships primarily because of peer pressure. Adolescents normally feel an extreme need and pressure to be accepted by the crowd. Thus, they tend to do things that they may know are wrong but still choose to give in just to gain the approval of their peer groups. This social influence, in turn, put adolescents in serious trouble.
Studies have shown that violence is very rampant in adolescent dating.
The immature nature of adolescents usually triggers dating violence. This could be a manifestation of aggression or a physical expression of power or insecurities. Nevertheless, adolescents tend to endure abuse or violence in quest of sustenance for their emotional needs, which they try to find in romantic relationships.
Positive social contacts help reduce the likelihood of dating misbehaviour.
Parental monitoring and involvement in social and religious services help in realigning the perspective of adolescents towards dating and relationships. These also help teenagers to feel more secure in their identity, thus, alleviating the impact of peer pressure. Read More
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