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Compare and contrast two viewpoints from readings:use 3 quotes from creative readings,3 quotes from social scientific readings and 2 external quotes each(out sourse) - Essay Example

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Today, people see large corporations becoming even larger. Despite the decline in the economy during the Recession, these big conglomerates are continuously pushing for their way…
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Compare and contrast two viewpoints from readings:use 3 quotes from creative readings,3 quotes from social scientific readings and 2 external quotes each(out sourse)
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast two viewpoints from readings:use 3 quotes from creative readings,3 quotes from social scientific readings and 2 external quotes each(out sourse)"

Download file to see previous pages Corporate social responsibility is a big obligation especially of these conglomerates who profit through societies and people “who through their labor make capital productive” (Korten 30). This means that businesses should look at giving back to the society it benefits from. This also means that that “one percent of American society [who] owns nearly 60 percent of corporate equities and nearly 40 percent of the total wealth of this nation” (Hawken 111) should make it a point that the environment for the remaining 99 percent is not disrupted by their businesses. Two articles, one by Paul Hawken entitled “Private Lives and Corporate Rights” and the other by David Korten entitled “A Real-Market Alternative” discuss points that can easily be considered as issues regarding corporate social responsibility due to contemporary capitalism, and how the current economic system continues to fail people and the environment.
The Clean Air Act originally contained provisions that would reduce toxic emissions from refineries. Chevron and other oil companies fought for a less severe provision for their own refineries...Another way Chevron furthered its agenda was through a $95,000 contribution to the nonprofit American Enterprise Institute (AEI)...Exxon, General Electric, and other large polluters also pitched in. AEI issued scholarly papers backed by economic data that showed more stringent clean air standards to be “cost-ineffective.” (Hawken 112)
This is just one of the examples that Hawken discusses in the chapter. He presents a solid basis for insightful discussions on what is currently happening and how to change it for the better. It is really disturbing how conglomerates are able to lobby for their interests. Another example is this:
Philip Morris, Inc. Had channeled $17 million of “charitable gifts” to the pet charities of legislators in order to gain their support in defeating anti-tobacco legislation...documents ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare and Contrast Two Viewpoints from readings:Use 3 Quotes from Essay.
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