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Real World Example - Coursework Example

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This essay is based on discussing a television program which is named Crude Facts of Socio-Political Life by the project manager and has a syndicated talk show format. This show is intended to air on the channel Fox and run for 45 minutes every Saturday after 9pm. The concept of…
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Real World Example
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Extract of sample "Real World Example"

Real world example: This essay is based on discussing a television program which is d Crude Facts of Socio-Political Life by the project managerand has a syndicated talk show format. This show is intended to air on the channel Fox and run for 45 minutes every Saturday after 9pm. The concept of this socio-political talk show is to unravel myriad intricate socio-political facts which raise much confusion among the common public. The time for the show is chosen wisely and deliberately set so that maximum people could get a chance to view the show and clear their confusions. The primary goal of the show, as designed by the project manager, is not to profit off the products it endorses but to provide a really positive, light, and uplifting experience to the public.
Thought the concept of the talk show was much appreciated and liked by the sponsoring team the first time it got introduced by the project manager, but many ambiguities and disagreements surfaced later on. Most of the disagreements were related to the point that the show was not going to sign a licensing agreement with retailers and hence, not going to profit off the products it was going to endorse. Though the project manager emphasized that this action was intended to be taken only for credibility purpose not to mention the distinguished element such an action would impart to the show, the main sponsor still held her opinion and continued the cold war. Later, the project manager finally tried talking sense into the sponsor by giving her example of the highly influential show called The Oprah Winfrey Show which had also adopted the principle of not having licensing agreements with retailers when various things were promoted. Mentioning this thing largely helped in cutting off most of the disagreements and the caravan went on finally. The major interesting aspect of the show which went right on the set was related to the way crude facts were meant to be brought before the public by the host. The project manager intended to do this in such a way that people would be ensured of viewing a vivid reality in every show so that they would stay tuned to the entire show with keen interest.
Following the first few episodes of this talk show, the ratings continued getting higher. The secret behind the ratings which kept on increasing was undoubtedly the result of the many tedious efforts taken by the project manager and the confidence he showed in the entire team along with the smartness he took the sponsoring team in confidence. The fact that mostly such subjects were brought on in the talk show which also happened to create waves in the news too also helped the show in gaining popularity. Introducing interesting topics is highly important for a talk show host and producer. For a successful talk show, if the subject to be introduced “relates to a topic that is currently in the news your interest to a talk show program is heightened” (Forward, 2006).
Forward, B. (2006). Getting on the Radio: 10 tips to a successful talkshow. Retrieved from Read More
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(Real World Example Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Real World Example Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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