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Swiffer was a brand that was introduced in 1999 by P&G for floor sweeping. However the product did not have the capability of cleaning the carpets. In 2003, the company decided to undergo a product innovation…
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Summary – P&G Carpet Flick This case is about the innovation of a new product CarpetFlick by P&G. Swiffer was a brand that was introduced in 1999 by P&G for floor sweeping. However the product did not have the capability of cleaning the carpets. In 2003, the company decided to undergo a product innovation such that a product to be launched by the end of 2005 which could clean the carpets as well.
Mr. Bob was assigned this target of designing such a product with the collaboration of IDEO, the consulting firm for P&G. In a room at IDEO, different designers were applying their own techniques of cleaning the carpets with different types of equipments on various carpets. Bob went in there and scraped one of the carpets with squeegee blade. The dust particles started to wink up in the air. After looking at this, Bob with IDEO team prepared prototypes namely “Shagilators” which could do the job of that squeegee blade.
After slight modifications and testing the prototypes in 350 homes, the prototype became ready for its launch at its specified date. The prototypes were names as Carpet Flick along with different style of packaging.
Discussion Questions
1. How did Bob get the idea of scraping the carpet with a squeegee blade to lift up the dust particles?
2. What role did IDEO play in designing this product for P&G?
3. Why is there a need felt to innovate a new product for carpet cleaning?
Swiffer CarpetFlick for Proctor & Gamble. (n.d.). Web. 02 February 2012. Read More
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