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Jim carey/ the actor - Research Paper Example

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He was a born performer even though he came from a family with no acting background. He was an extrovert and has said in his own words that he was committed to get a reaction from the people around him since…
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Jim carey/ the actor
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Extract of sample "Jim carey/ the actor"

30 January Jim Carrey/ The Actor Introduction: Talent is something that you have to be born with, unlike skills it cannot be developed. A shining example of people born with talent is Jim Carrey. This essay examines his early life and career.
James Eugene Carrey was born in Ontario, Canada on January 17th 1962. He was a born performer even though he came from a family with no acting background. He was an extrovert and has said in his own words that he was committed to get a reaction from the people around him since high school. A born performer, he was always eager to perform in front of anyone who was interested to watch.
Jim Carrey: Early life and Career
Jim Carrey’s career path was clear very early in life even though circumstances tried to take him away from it. When he was just a teenager, his family went through some financial hardship and had to move out of their comfortable home to more humble locations. Living out of a camper, he and his family supported themselves by working as Janitors. His luck however took a turn for the better and at the age of 17 he got a chance to perform in Toronto’s most popular chain of comedy houses, Yuk Yuk’s. Two years later in 1979 he made a bold move to Los Angeles and started performing for free at the Comedy Store. Actor/Comedian, Rodney Dangerfield noticed his talent and signed him up to perform the opening act on his tours. Carrey then went on to make some television films and features before joining with the Wayans brothers to make, In living Color. Although he gained the reputation of “Rubber face” from the television series of the same name, Jim Carrey was meant for bigger things. He moved his mobile face to the big screen with Ace Ventura, Pet detective in 1994. This was followed by a second role in, When nature calls. He was awarded the golden globe for his performances in The Truman Show.1998 and, Man on the moon. 1999.
Jim Carrey has always played characters that are everyday people living ordinary lives. Most of his characters have their lives suddenly transformed either by circumstances, a wish or object or media. Some examples being his roles in The Mask, Liar Liar, Bruce Almighty, Yes Man, The Truman Show, to name a few. He has always chosen his roles based on his personal motto:
Always turn your wheel in the direction of the skid.
Jim Carrey: Today
Jim Carrey has been married twice, and has a daughter Jane from his first marriage. Today at the age of 50 he is a grandfather and proud parent of an ‘American Idol’ qualifier. He was awarded a star in the Canadian walk of fame in 1998. He became an American citizen in 2004 and maintains dual citizenship between his home country, Canada and the USA. He currently lives in Brentwood in Los Angeles, California.
Show business is all about entertainment and Jim Carrey has dedicated his entire career to entertaining people doing what he loves to do and what he does best.
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Jim Carey/ The Actor Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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