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Sales Engineering Division - Essay Example

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His leadership style is clearly in line with what the definition of leadership is all about, as shown in exhibit 1.1 of Dafts (5) book. With reference to Dafts (5) definition, leadership…
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Sales Engineering Division
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Extract of sample "Sales Engineering Division"

1. Does John Terrills leadership style fit the definition of leadership in Exhibit 1? Explain. Terrills leadership style is a manifestation of a leader who is at the same time a follower. His leadership style is clearly in line with what the definition of leadership is all about, as shown in exhibit 1.1 of Dafts (5) book. With reference to Dafts (5) definition, leadership has been deemed "an influence relationship," binding the leader and the followers to carry out the task of making significant changes thereby meeting organizational goals. Terrill wanted to find out the cause of turnovers in DGL Internationals sales engineering division, and the first thing he did was to meet those 20 engineers who have been pointed as the cause of unproductivity in the division. In this scenario, one can conceive that while Terrill is trying to accomplish the responsibility of being a good leader, he also makes it a point that he listens to what his subordinates will say, an indication that he wants his decisions to be reasonable enough for the welfare of his followers.
2. With respect to Exhibit 1.4, in what leadership era is Terrill, in what Era is headquarters?
Terrill belongs to Leadership Era 4, where relational theories were being applied to stabilize organizations. Terrills commitment to improve the status of productivity and to inhibit himself, as well as the management from intervening in the work of the sales engineering division, shows his dedication to turning around what has been the usual practice which is being spearheaded by those in the top management. He wanted to bring out the best among his followers, and that is the reason why he wanted to let them work as a team and use their expertise as engineers, and not as mere pencil pushers. Diversely, the headquarters belong to leadership era 2, where rules were set by management. They have forced employees to follow not what they think is proper, but what the management thinks is right for them (Daft 21). In other words, employees were being treated as followers alone, depriving them with the right to influence management decisions.
3. What approach would you have taken in this situation?
If in the same position as Terrill, the most appropriate approach to consider would be to adopt the relational theories. Disputes arise between management and employees that would cause conflict obliging leaders to mediate and implement actions that will not cause harm to both parties. The manager, who serves as a leader, should also act as a follower who will bridge the gap between the management and the sales engineering division through means of establishing relationships and regular communication. When healthy working relationships are built, eventually all things will follow e.g. increase in productivity, performance efficiency, loyalty etc. that will allow a company to reach its targeted aims and greater heights. All these things will also depend on how the leader perceives things; hence, a leader must envision growth and sees followers as catalysts for its achievement.
Work Cited
Daft, Richard. The Leadership Experience. Mason, OH: Thomson Higher
Education, 2008. Print. Read More
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Sales Engineering Division Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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