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Who are the Arabs - Essay Example

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It is both interesting and leaves wide scope for evolution of the same. It is true that people can be identified through their cultural heritage, language and land. But in case…
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Who are the Arabs
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Extract of sample "Who are the Arabs"

Download file to see previous pages Rodinson’s (1981) claim can therefore be valid for myriad reasons, foremost being their ‘Arab identity and their awareness of being Arab’ (p45).
Rodinson’s definition of Arab is also important because it helps to give distinct identity to people who may be from other races but follow and identify with the fundamentals of Arabic culture and religion. As he elaborates that Egyptians and Lebanese Christians believe that they are Arabs by Arabian ideology (p7). Thus, ideological beliefs of Arabians have also evolved to encompass and bestow identity of Arab to non Islamic descendents who may not even speak Arabic. The criteria of following traits and traditions of Islam that broadly defines Arabic culture therefore becomes one of the vital ingredients for having an Arabic nationality.
Halim Barakat (1993) also corroborates with broader description of Arab as defined by Rodinson. His asserts that Arab should contextualization become major factor while identifying Arabs. According to him, it allows one to ‘connect similarities as well as distinctive differences’ (p1). It incorporates the heterogeneity as well as plurality and helps one to assert one’s identity as an ‘Arab’. Indeed Barakat’s elicitation is hugely relevant as it emphasizes and recognizes the need for evolving civilization. The need to adapt to socio-religious and cultural paradigms become critical issues for evolving societies. For Arabs, it could be more logical because they cannot be confined within defined land or geographical area but the knowledge gained through religious ideologies and practice can certainly provide them with distinct identity of being ‘Arab’.
‘Arab’ has wide connotations and cannot be bound by linguistic or land. It is a conglomeration of people from different place having similar ideologies and beliefs. It is a ‘nationality’ within ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Who Are the Arabs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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