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How the World might change in the next 25 years - Assignment Example

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The world’s population has grown to 6.99 billion today ( The growth in population, industrialization, and…
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How the World might change in the next 25 years
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Extract of sample "How the World might change in the next 25 years"

One of the biggest problems that have been escalating over the last 25 years is the depletion of natural resources. The world’s population has grown to 6.99 billion today ( The growth in population, industrialization, and social-political influences has led humanity to abuse nature. There are going to be huge changes in the next 25 years in the way human deals with its natural resources. The earth must be use more effectively to grow more crops to feed a growing population of humans that is suffering from hunger due to food scarcity. Deforestation is increasing the global warming problem and is diminishing the capacity of earth to generate oxygen through its plants. The purpose of this paper is to discuss and predict how advances in the management of natural resources are going to change the reality of humanity by the year 2037.
The two social problems correlated to natural resources that are going to be emphasized in this discussion are food and air. The changes that are going to occur will come from exploitation of existing technologies and the creation of new innovations. There are a lot of people suffering from hunger today. Approximately 13% of the world’s population suffers from hunger which represents about 925 million people ( A lot of experts believe that the world’s current agricultural capacity has the ability to feed everyone on the planet, but hunger is still occurring. One of the problems with the spread of hunger is that certain regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa do not have the arable land and the basic infrastructure such as water and electricity to create food. In the future this constraint will be eliminated as new technologies will enable the planet to turn salt water into drinkable water. About 20% of the world land is covered by the five major oceans ( The second innovation that will revolutionized agriculture worldwide is the creation on synthetic terrain. This new form of land can be transported anywhere and by used to regenerate the soil in places that lack arable land such as Haiti.
A second major problem that is going to be resolved is the elimination of deforestation. This will occur prior to 2037 due to the fact that the paper wood milling industry will seize to exist. The world will not longer accept humanity cutting down trees to create books, magazines, or any form of wood pulp paper. Luckily this transition will occur due to the fact that the Australian firm Papyrus Australia will become one of the most powerful companies in the world at that timeline. Papyrus Australia is a public company in its birth stage that has patented an alternate form of paper called Banana Ply Paper
( Banana Ply Paper is made out of the trucks of banana trees which is a renewable source. The trucks of banana trees were considered a waste product by all farmers prior to this amazing innovation. A continent that is going to drastically benefit economically from this movement is Africa due to the fact that 54% of the world’s banana supply is in this continent ( In 2037 the world is going to progress a lot socially due to technological innovation that will optimize and protect our natural resources. Read More
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How the World Might Change in the Next 25 Years Assignment.
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