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Finding a way to play - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In fact, there are times when we have had to deal with situations that we did not want to deal with but we knew that we had to do it. Some people have lost their homes in the downturn of the economy and…
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Extract of sample "Finding a way to play"

Finding a Way to Play There are many situations in life that create problems for an individual. In fact, there are times when we have had to deal with situations that we did not want to deal with but we knew that we had to do it. Some people have lost their homes in the downturn of the economy and others have had to close their door on their business. There are still others of us who have dealt with physical problems that seemed insurmountable to some, but we found a way to overcome them.
My name is Jacob Woods and I am one of those people who has never allowed physical problems to stop me from doing something that I want. When I was just a small child (one years old) I was diagnosed with a heart disease called Kawasaki’s Disease. Because of this illness, I developed a coronary aneurism that could have killed me. I had sever swelling in my joints and I lost what little mobility I had. I was treated in the hospital with Gamma Goglin, an immunoglobulin that was used to increase my immune system response. When I was hospitalized they found that my immune system had been compromised and was so low that I needed extra treatment in order to help improve the problem.
Once out of the hospital, I was treated with daily aspirin and tested bi-monthly with an Echocardiogram to see how my heart was doing; eventually, I was able to have a bi-annual Echocardiogram for the next five years. My parents were told that during these early years, I should not have a lot of activity and that sports would be too taxing on my body. This was a challenge for me because I really wanted to play sports and set my goal to play sports (especially football) at the highest level possible. Once I had the okay to play sports, I moved into them quickly. At the age of eight, I saw several heart specialists who then gave me the permission to play, as long as I kept up with the Echocardiogram on a yearly basis. The test was to make sure that nothing new was developing and that I was not heading for an aneurism again.
Today, I have played baseball, basketball and football since I was eight years old. My passion is football. In fact, my parents say I “eat, breathe, and live” football. Once I entered high school I coached youth softball and volleyball as a volunteer and I have done some coaching of youth football. I have a younger sister so I coached several girl’s sports as well. I love the coaching aspects but I also want to focus more on my football.
I have had the will to play sports all my life and through my own motivation and determination, I was able to improve my health to the point that I now live my dream to an extent. I would like to go to college in order to concentrate more closely on playing football. I do know that sports are not the only reason to go to college, so I have an interest in kinesiology and how it works for players. My future plans are to teach Physical Education and become a football coach. I am extremely motivated and I do well in school. I take my responsibilities very seriously and I do find time for play. I have a variety of hobbies that keep me busy.
In conclusion, I believe I will be an asset to your school, because I have done so well in other areas. I am looking forward to be a part of a school that would accept me to its football team and take me to the highest achievement possible. Read More
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