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Jovita Critical Self-Analysis Paper - Essay Example

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With the exercise program, I had planned to reduce weight and be able to trim as many fats as possible around the cheek area and especially…
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Jovita Critical Self-Analysis Paper
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Extract of sample "Jovita Critical Self-Analysis Paper"

Critical Self-Analysis At the start of the semester, I thought about setting the typical goals for which I have paidserious concern in a couple of years now. With the exercise program, I had planned to reduce weight and be able to trim as many fats as possible around the cheek area and especially those contained in my oozing belly. This being the chief goal, I had aimed as well to monitor my attitude and discipline in the process so as to figure the level of priority I could be capable of treating a fitness routine. Wanting to focus on physical workout, I did not consider regulating my diet on food, thinking this idea would establish proper balance to achieve a sound state of mind and emotion while sustaining the right amount of energy with flexible food alternatives in the course of slimming.
Charting the progress of my schemed activities, it was apparently struggling to handle a situation when some unfinished corporate / school work had to use up my workout schedule entirely or in part at least. So my tendency would be either to mix and alternate between the two or give up wholly and sacrificially on the workout if there was no good excuse to leave a bulk of tasks under emergency unaccomplished. Moreover, I noticed that when I got overstressed at work, I normally felt discouraged to exercise even after taking a few whiles of relaxation and this lack of motivation to proceed with the regimen resulted into a number of skips which made me compensate for losses on other occasions. There emerged additional trouble as I unconsciously engaged myself in exercising compulsively during these times being inclined to necessitate doubling speed or increasing counts such as in performing sit-ups, jumping, treading, and push-ups. As a consequence, I became lethargic to an extent one time, feeling no appetite to carry out any further activities. On the other hand, since I managed to keep the program on a regular basis and completed routine sets with enough discipline and vigor, I could sense an elevated self-esteem and fulfillment knowing that I went through a great deal of time and effort to burn unwanted fats. I observed that a portion of my cheeks turned slender and a significant layer of fat was chiseled off my waistline. Indeed I lost pounds in desired quantities for such change has enabled me to wear some old slim pants and shirts again, confident that I need not have to buy new clothes or improvise style with clothing. Eventually, this implies more savings and financial flexibility on concerns for other aspects of living.
Overall, the exercise program did make an impact in my lifestyle within the semester as I gained enthusiasm in disciplining my mind and body to get accustomed to the physical training. I learned to contemplate on the essence of setting realistic goals and on how to keep track of the intended solution toward them based on physical fitness principles with regard to specificity, overload, and progression and the corresponding adjustments in time, frequency, and intensity thereof. Time management played a key role because I thought of working out on intervals I was certain to have initially taken appreciably calorific meals. To this point, I can attest to acquisition of positive mood and focus whether at home, work, or elsewhere and I suppose that these effects may be attributed to having developed cardiovascular endurance and abdominal strength with improved blood circulation during the exercise.
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Jovita Critical Self-Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Jovita Critical Self-Analysis Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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