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That addresses my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve - Personal Statement Example

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The impetus to transfer came as a result of the need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology as a prerequisite towards a medical career. I have decided…
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Statement that addresses my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve
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Extract of sample "That addresses my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve"

ment that addresses my reasons for transferring and the objectives I hope to achieve The call to pursue the medical profession has persistently and increasingly pervaded one’s personal and professional goals. The impetus to transfer came as a result of the need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology as a prerequisite towards a medical career. I have decided to specialize in the field of neurosurgery, a challenging but rewarding endeavor.
Currently, I am privileged to work under the tutelage of a research scientist, Paul A. Lapchak, Ph.D., director of Translational Research in the Department of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. I am most intrigued and highly enthusiastic on his research that delve into the development of a drug involving a new curcumin-hybrid compound—CNB-001— that repairs stroke damage at the molecular level that feeds and supports neurons. I am confident that something optimistic and positive would be gained from the research and I am honored to be included as an instrumental part of the research.
My personal and professional goals include expanding one’s knowledge, skills and abilities towards the health care profession to enable me to work with the marginalized and underprivileged people in Africa. I realized and recognized that the plight of majority of people in third world countries regarding access to much needed health care and professional medical advice remains insufficient due to lack of financial resources and access to more comprehensive information on health care needs. By shadowing emergency room physicians at the San Joaquin Community Hospital in Bakersfield, California, much needed skills and competencies in addressing various health conditions are aptly developed and improved.
To gain a more holistic exposure to various settings and addressing the medical needs of diverse peoples from different cultural and demographic orientations, I have joined a variety of civic and social organizations, such as the French club, environmental club, interact club, and Armenian club, to name a few. After having attended a French immersion school in Washington, the proficiency in the French, as a second language continue to be harnessed. To date, I can speak fluently in English, Armenian, French, and Estonian. These skills in other languages are a plus factor in one’s future profession to directly communicate with people speaking these languages. I am very much interested in pursuing other activities and endeavors that would broaden my cultural knowledge and thereby contribute to increased manifestation of versatility, flexibility and adaptability to diverse situations, cultures, languages and peoples.
My passion in the medical profession continues to grow with immense burning desire to improve my theoretical background on the field of specialization identified. I realize that this is a challenging profession; but I am determined to persevere. I fervently desire to fulfill my dream of becoming a board certified medical doctor, specializing in neurosurgery. I hope that I could be given the opportunity to continue doing the related activities that I love when I transfer. Your institution’s approval of my transfer application would ensure that this dream would very soon be fulfilled. Read More
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(Statement That Addresses My Reasons for Transferring and the Personal)
Statement That Addresses My Reasons for Transferring and the Personal.
“Statement That Addresses My Reasons for Transferring and the Personal”, n.d.
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