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Can Alkaline Diets Prevent Cancer - Research Paper Example

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The foods we eat determine the nature of our health and wellness. Nowadays, there are widespread cases of degenerative diseases that are mainly attributed to the environmental events during the past two centuries…
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Can Alkaline Diets Prevent Cancer
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Extract of sample "Can Alkaline Diets Prevent Cancer"

Download file to see previous pages Amid the rising cases of cancer, the main question is; what actually went wrong after the widespread industrial revolution that cancer and other degenerative diseases have become close components of human life? The answer could be very simple; our eating habits. Before the advent of industrial revolution, human beings survived on natural food substances with balanced amount of minerals that boosted the body immune system as well as performing detoxification. Today, because of industrialization we embrace consumption of processed foods rather than the natural diets. Going by the evident trend in the manner in which cancer spreads today or simply comparing and contrasting the lifestyles of agrarian periods and the current industrial periods, it is determinate that consumption of natural food is the surest way of preventing cancer (Earl 292).
In this case, natural foods are considered as food substances rich in alkaline or high pH values. The main alkaline food substances are citrus fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds. Alkaline food substances do not encompass substances like grains, excess salt, excess dairy products or meat. Earl states that alkaline food substances play a significant role in ensuring preventing an individual from developing cancerous cells (292). It is however not stated that an individual should not consume acidic food substances, but at regulated low amount. This is because acid is usually required for digestion purposes in the stomach but should always be at the pH of 1.3-1.75. In order to fight cancerous cells, blood and not the stomach requires a high alkalinity level, pH of 7.34-7.46. The reason why a high proportion of acid is never essential for the body is because it results to the development of toxins that suppress the body immune system thereby inhibiting cells from absorbing oxygen.
Further accumulation of acid and inhibited supply of oxygen lays ground for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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