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Answers the two Questions - Essay Example

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He was elected twice and his second reelection was based on the slogan ‘he kept us out of the war’. World War 1 started in the mid of 1914 but United States opted to stay out of the war, but…
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Answers the two Questions
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Extract of sample "Answers the two Questions"

Inserts His/her Inserts Inserts Grade (13, 12, US and World War One Question Woodrow Wilson was the President of United States of America between 1913 and 1921. He was elected twice and his second reelection was based on the slogan ‘he kept us out of the war’. World War 1 started in the mid of 1914 but United States opted to stay out of the war, but eventually became part of it in 1917. Here we will discuss why United States declared war on Germany.
United States declared war on Germany after submarine attacks began on US ships that were carrying food and supplies to Britain. US government also intercepted a telegram by German foreign minister who asked Mexico for their support if United States entered in the war. The infamous Zimmermann Telegram became the basis of United States formal entry into the conflict. Woodrow Wilson himself gave a speech to congress and declared war on Germany marking the official entry of United States into the World War.
My personal opinion is that Zimmermann Telegram was not a good enough reason to enter the war. It was more of a self fulfilling prophecy where United States thought that Mexico would join Germany in turn declaring a war against Germany. The telegram was sent in case United States joined the war therefore it cannot be used as a justification to enter the war.
According to Benjamin Freedman, Zionist were the main reason behind US involvement in the war against Germany. Freedman thinks that Zionists wanted assurance from Britain regarding Palestine and in return they took the task of involving US in the war against Germany (Freedman, 1). Jews were controlling all the newspapers and banks so it was easy for them to force US in the war. Freedman concludes that US had no reason to join the war. America was Pro Germany before 1917 to a certain extent and was not interested in the war.
Question 2
America should not have involved itself in the war because there was nothing to gain out of it. United States had little to gain from entering the war but only due to Zionist intervention did they take part in the war.
The whole of the world changed as a result of US intervention because it was the first time when public opinion was deliberately changed in order to keep the war efforts going (Spielvogel). American public was not interested in the war but the public was made to believe that they were under threat. All this was done because of a powerful lobby of Zionists in United States. American history for certain would have been far better if US would not have declared war against Germany. Lives were lost and money was wasted, but the most perilous socio political effect was that a window opened that would make future wars possible even without disapproval of the general public.
United States could also have continues its friendship with both Germany and Britain (Russia). This would have made the country stronger but its involvement in the war forced US to join sides and this was not diplomatically beneficial. Moreover Germany would blame US for its lost and in the Second World War US would be involved automatically. US didn’t gain anything from World War One and it would have been better for the country if its policy of non intervention was continued till the end of the war.
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Answers the Two Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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