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Lighting Critique - Essay Example

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Different types of stage illumination instruments are used in a production to ensure that various principles and goals are achieved. In Beauty and the beast,…
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Lighting Critique
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Extract of sample "Lighting Critique"

LIGHTING CRITIQUE Light is a tool that has been used in different productions raging from theatre, dance, opera, to performance arts. Different types of stage illumination instruments are used in a production to ensure that various principles and goals are achieved. In Beauty and the beast, lighting plays an essential part in the production because of the different scenes that have to take place. Hundred of lights hang above the stage and change via a computer. These lights are inclusive of moving lights, which create suspense and perform other functions in the production.
The placing of lights at the stage has been a success to the musical play. However, some times the lights have caused some hitches during different performances. According to a number of people, many different lights are involved in the musical and create complexity in the operation. For example, the scene of be our guest involves computerized pop up candles. If the computer fails, the scene cannot take place as it is supposed to and information the candles bring cannot be achieved.
The musical, beauty and the beast has been written with many short and different scenes. In theatre, the scenes have been differentiated to show day and night by use of light. At the beginning, light is used to show the stage arrangement hence creating a high-quality view for the audience to study the stage setting. In this scene, light is used to illuminate the stage. Light has also been used to emphasize different moments that differ in their moods. When the beast and belle have a romantic scene, there is a lavender lighting. This lighting has been able to emphasize on the romantic scene despite having a human being and a beast act this part. When the merchant is lost in the forest, he finds himself in front of a palace where he is forced to seek for shelter. In theater, lights are usually used to show the difference between the forest and the palace. Lights used for the palace bring a dazzling look into the building providing the audience with a beautiful view.
Light can be used to establish the altering position in time and space during a performance. This is shown in the scenes that have to run concurrently on stage. Light has been used to emphasize the scenes as they run. Dim lights are used on the dormant scenes and brighter ones on the current scene. For the musical, this has been a success. In the musical, lighting has been perfectly used to emphasize different times of the day. Blue has been used to show scenes created in the night, whereas red and orange has been used to emphasize scenes occurring during the day. One of the characters is a merchant who has his businesses in the seas. Since there are a number of scenes that are taking place in the waters, light has been used to create the blue color of water in the production.
In many performances, lighting fails the performers in some scenes but beauty and the beast has significantly tried to overcome this fault. Lights used in the musical have supported the action and evoked feelings as prospected. Although the computerized lighting has some failures, it has improved the transitions from one scene and another. In addition, lighting in the musical has enhanced the overall appearance of the performance.
Work cited
Bellman, Geoffrey M. The beauty of the beast. New York: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, 2000. Print. Read More
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