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Global Management of Information Systems- MISM 3303, Information Systems Theory and Practice - Research Paper Example

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To realize the potential of the changing business world, it is important to understand the current status and meaning of Global Information Systems through carrying out a comprehensive research. This research document will present a review of research studies of Global…
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Global Management of Information Systems- MISM 3303, Information Systems Theory and Practice
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Extract of sample "Global Management of Information Systems- MISM 3303, Information Systems Theory and Practice"

Download file to see previous pages This document also encourages for the adoption of new research methods by researchers in global information systems research.
Advances in information technology and globalization trends have for the last two decades dominated the business world. Globalization reflects the interconnection of societies in terms of political, cultural and economic aspects (Giddens, 2002). Opportunities and feasibility of globalization have been enhanced by information and communication technology, by enabling new structural organizations, new modes of work and communication across space and time (Walshan, 2001) as well as facilitation of movement of goods and coordination of services (Palvia and Wang, 1995).
Businesses today find it necessary to incorporate global information systems in their organizational structure due to its usefulness and impact. A firm’s global business strategy can be achieved through global applications such as using information technology platforms to transmit, store, and manipulate data across diverse cultural environments (Wang, 1995).
Global Information systems deal with development, management and use of information systems across the globe. Implementation and use of information systems may be affected by national differences such as infrastructure capabilities, physical environments, cultural issues, economic and political factors. Hence, it is essential to understand the challenges and opportunities related to global information systems in the volatile business world.
Research on global management of information systems goes across national boundaries to include research spanning on multiple countries. Recent research studies have focused only on particular aspects of global IS. It has been revealed through a literature search (Lehman & Gallupe, 2004) that, less than 1 percent of the IS literature published in academic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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