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This report provides an overview of the imperatives of information systems in a company set up and the challenges faced with concluding remarks on the future of information systems. What makes information systems a business preference is a fact that they have the capacity to support multiple functions…
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The Benefit of Management Information System
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Download file to see previous pages Informational system software’s corresponds to the needs of the end users and promises to be central to all future application systems. It enhances the information’s management to select diverse applications from the market in regard to the needs and cost appropriately while offering the guarantees and capacities to interlock with the global system. Dr S.shajahan (2004). Basing on informational researchers and practitioners; the requirements to curtail emergent technological risks has been a contentious point. Informational accessibility, confidentiality and integrity have been viewed as an integral aspect, nevertheless, the development of protective measures against a potential threat such as viruses, hackers and system failures have been the primary concern. One of the major challenges that management and precisely information technology managers face is keeping track of management information systems and optimizing the benefits of information technology derived from meeting current processing demand and strategic processing demands. Information technology is difficult to determine what systems to invest in. The question that lingers is whether to invest in information technology solutions that are currently needed or invest in information technology solutions that cater to the future needs of the organization. Technology is fast moving and management systems have evolved over the years from performing basic payroll tasks to complex tasks such as providing information regarding sales, inventory and decision making processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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