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In the paper “Goal Statement Management of Secure Information System” the author expresses his interest in Management of Secure Information System program at the University. He firmly believes that he has a combination of qualities that will enable him succeed in the program…
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Goal Statement Management of Secure Information System
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Goal Statement Management of Secure Information System
I take this golden opportunity to express my interest in Management of Secure Information System program at the XYZ University. I firmly believe that I have a combination of qualities that will enable me succeed in the program which evident my deep interest in Information Technology. I have had an interest and passion in this a career related to information technology hence I fully believe that this program at XYZ University will enable me achieve this long term ambition. In relation to my academic qualifications, I have attained a Bachelors in Cyber Security upon which I graduated in the month of May 2015. In addition to that, I completed my Associate program in Computer Studies in August 2014. These basic ingredients coupled with determination to excel and ability to learn under any condition will enable me to succeed in this program.
I possess strong communication skills which will contribute to my success in this study program since I am well informed that it involves a lot of communication and interaction. Others skills that I have gained over time that will increase my level of competency in this program include excellent quantitative and analytical skills, data analysis, keen to details, ability to deliver excellent customer service, conceptual thinking skills and proper time management ability. I am a person who can work effectively with others so as to realize a common goal. I have great leadership skills which were made evident when I served as a youth coordinator for my community. Under that docket, I handled a number of duties such as meeting the needs of the youths by initiative a number of programs that favored them, initiating formation of youth organizations, creating a platform through which youths from various parts of the world can interact and network, initiating recreational activities for the youth among other activities. I am a self-motivated person who is guided by set principles pertaining any program or institution that I am based in.
I have had a number of work experiences which are closely related to the program that I am applying for. I am currently working as an IT specialist by providing second level support for the Information Technology help desk. I have also worked under department IT support in which I handle various issues affecting IT customers and clients. That position exposed me to handling very challenging clients thus being able to strengthen my customer relation skills. As a supply technician, I was able to receive supplies, review them and approve their conformity to the set guidelines.
This program is in line with my career objective which is to enhance a culture of excellence, giving all I can in every sphere of influence that I get involved, always ready and willing to learn and continually building responsible and accountable personalities wherever I find myself. My past academic qualifications which are indicated in my attached resume, is a sure proof that I am well able to excel in the class. I therefore believe that granted the opportunity, I will not fail to meet the various specifications of the program thus fulfilling the vision and mission of the university at large. Read More
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