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According to (2008), an airport Master Plan depicts an outline, which illustrates the long-term development, which is undertaken in an airport. London City Airport (LCA) Master Plan outlines the anticipated growth and development plans of the airport all the way to…
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Download file to see previous pages According to London City Airport (2006: 10), LCA Master Plan indicates that the airport is in a position of accommodating 8 million passengers up to 2030. This is anticipated to occur in line with continued support of London growth, and meeting the increment in the demand for business travel. Moreover, the LCA Master Plan illustrates that the airport focuses on maintaining good neighbourhood with local citizens and environmental record. In addition, the plan illustrates that the airport will maintain its operational hours of closing at night during weekdays, and operating 24 hours during weekends (London City Airport 2006: 10). Further, the Master Plan claims that the airport will neither create another runway nor will it host larger aeroplanes. As such, the airport focuses on achieving its growth through maximization of its runway, creation of better facilities, and improving flight occupancy for passengers. Finally, LCA Master Plan indicates that passenger growth will increase during the Olympic Games and employment opportunities will be created through the implementation of the Master Plan (London City Airport 2006: 10).
The purpose of LCA Master Plan is to indicate the growth potential of the airport up to 2030 (London City Airport 2006: 10). The Master Plan was prepared in response to 2003 government requirement on White Paper that all UK airports have to develop Master Plans, which indicate growth in response to passenger demand. As such, LCA Master Plan indicates how to optimize on the current runways without a need of constructing new runways. In addition, LCA Master Plan reflects White Paper principles, as well as how the airport intends to make objectives outlined in the Master Plan a reality. LCA Master Plan illustrates how the airport intends to have a growth of 8 million passengers by 2030, minimize noise, and maintain environmental sustainability (London ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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