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Argumentative - Stereotyping - Essay Example

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There has existed an unending controversy between medical practitioners, policy makers, governments, religious leaders, and scholars on whether or not…
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Argumentative - Stereotyping
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Extract of sample "Argumentative - Stereotyping"

Download file to see previous pages Further, with the advancement in technology, the pregnancy is notably expensive to “maintain”. It becomes difficulty to afford to term the pregnancy until delivery, or it becomes hard to bear to give away the child due to the motherly attachment. Unplanned pregnancies can prove stressful for women and whether or not to have right to abort remains a controversial topic. Critics believe abortion is not a subject of discussion because according to them, it is not only wrong but also a crime (Boonin 5). They say aborting or killing a fetus is terminating a human’s life. However, it is realistic for women to abort due to various reasons. Due to the several instances leading to pregnancy, it is arguable that abortion should be allowed.
For instance, women have the right to exercise the will to make choices about their bodies (14). A woman has a right to abort if she is of tender age and cannot afford to raise the baby. A woman should also have the right abort in case the pregnancy exhibits negative health effects on either the expectant or the offspring. It is a woman’s right to decide on what to do with her own body as having control over it is as vital as any other human right. Women rights activists argue that, all women have the right to whatever they please with their bodies without anyone’s interference.
In addition, a woman should have the right to abort if she is of a tender age and in no position to bring up the baby. Sometimes, medical practitioners do not suggest abortion to girls under the age of sixteen as they may lose the ability to have children in the future. Nevertheless, unplanned pregnancies can exert too much trauma on women (18). Therefore, if they cannot properly give the child a normal life it is reasonable for them to flash the child. This could prove important for a mother’s life and her future especially if the mother is still in school.
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